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China’s Best: 55 Point Outing Earns Harris CBA’s Top Honors!

Three weeks, six games, and an upset victory over top seeded Beijing into his latest CBA playing stint, and 6’6 forward Mike Harris finds himself in familiar territory.  Following Sunday nights 55 points, 17 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals, in which the American hit 9 three-pointers, Asia-Basket.com named the 30-year-old China’s top performer for round 30, and rightfully so.

Improving literally every time he steps on the basketball floor, Harris has been a force to be reckoned with since arriving in Zhejiang just 20 days ago.  The seasoned veteran is not only leading his team, but after Sunday night, the entire league in virtually every major statistical category, including scoring (32.5 ppg), rebounding (15.5 rpg), three-point shooting percentage (45%), and three-pointers made per contest (5 per game).  Dominating an association notorious for its high caliber athletes and frequent NBA call-ups, it would appear his recent string of consistent and authoritative play would most certainly earn the Texas native a return stateside in the coming weeks.


Reports suggest the Bulls, Kings, Lakers, and even the Jazz, who cut the forward back in January, have inquired about his services, although no deal is imminent.  With many teams plagued by injury, it would appear a player with Harris’s versatility, toughness, and consistent production, would attract the attention of more than just a handful of suitors.

Full disclosure, I am a fan, follower, and former teammate of Harris, but NBA GM’s take note.  There is no bias here, just fact.  Though “undersized” as many of you have suggested, Mike Harris is a true game changer, and has proven so time and time again.  Given any opportunity, he has been a statistical leader, All-Star, and MVP of literally every league he has ever played, and in most cases out performed, out produced, and many times out played some of the best in the game.  There is no sales pitch here fellas.  Numbers do not lie.  Need a reference, call Kevin Durant.   KD experienced first hand Harris’s aggressive style of play and all out tenacity opening night in Utah.  The dozens of ESPN spots and national interviews that followed will confirm it.

Scheduled to return home shortly after this weekends All-Star festivities, continue to keep an eye on Harris, a rising star, inching ever closer to a 2013-2014 NBA return.  Stay tuned!


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