About Us

HSBCAMPS is America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative and leader in bringing kids of all ages face to face with the pros. Run by a staff of current and former collegiate and professional players and coaches, HSBCAMPS ongoing philosophy is to create a world-class basketball experience for everyone, regardless of size, ability or income.

Hard Work, Sacrifice, Believe!

HSBCAMPS, (Hard Work, Sacrifice, Believe) is America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative and leader in bringing kids of all ages face-to-face with the pros. Officially founded in December 2008 by Director Carson Sofro, HSBCAMPS has provided a world-class basketball training experience to more than 7,000 young student athletes in various locations throughout the western United States.

Backed by a “Quality over Quantity” mentality, HSBCAMPS encourages every young athlete to fulfill his or her potential, through a process of mentoring, motivating, and building confidence both on and off the court.  Sofro stands firm in his commitment, limiting the number of players (10 -12 per basket) to maximize skill development; “With so many programs on the market today, we needed to do something different.  At HSBCAMPS, we dedicate ample time for our coaches to connect one-on-one with every player,” he explains. “We never want anyone to feel lost in the crowd.”

While the size of the camps may change, the philosophy remains the same. HSBCAMPS provides a world-class basketball experience to children of all ages, regardless of size, ability, or income. According to Sofro, “No player has ever been denied entry because they couldn’t afford to participate. The program is about creating opportunities for all and not just for an elite few. We have some great sponsors to thank for that.”

With the support of some of America’s largest corporations, HSBCAMPS has been able to contribute more than $400,000 back to the communities they serve.  State of the art shooting guns have been purchased for local schools, scholarships have been provided for the less fortunate, and donations have been made to youth programs and educational institutions in financial need.

With a reloaded staff, new sponsors, and several new locations, HSBCAMPS is gearing up and looking forward to its biggest summer yet. 
Stay tuned for a camp near you!