It’s Live – HSB365 Episode 10 Now Available!

“Going Up On Tuesday”

As mentioned last week, every Tuesday new video content will go live on the HSB365 mobile app and web platform. Episode 10 is now available for viewing and is the latest in a series of new videos that will be uploaded over the next couple weeks.  Giving parents, players, and pros instant access to full length basketball workouts, HSB365 is the perfect tool for anyone looking to really improve their game this offseason.  Ready to get started?  Click Here

What is HSB365?

HSB365 is a brand new online training platform, connecting parents, players, and pros 365 days a year.  Whether in Boise or not, for the first time ever, we now have a way to train, mentor, and inspire kids from around the globe online.  Players can download workouts & videos, interact with coaches, and get all the latest insight from our forum.  Currently in Beta, all workouts and information are free although we will transition soon to a subscription based service.  Haven’t received your invite?  Email “I Want In” to

2016 Summer Camps Filling-Up!

Are you registered? Our 2016 Summer Camps have been filling-up at a record pace.  We are already well ahead of where we were this time last year and many of our returners have yet to register.

Featuring a handful of new locations, coaches, and as always a 100% brand new curriculum, this summer is certainly serving up to be our biggest yet. Stay tuned for updates and availability reports as remaining space this year is extremely limited in some locations.  For example McCall only has 3 MORE SPOTS, and the Boise Sessions at Capital High School are down to LESS THAN 10 SPACES IN EACH SESSION.

As always registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis and once they are gone, new sign-ups will be directed to the waitlist.  For more information or to register, visit or contact the HSBCAMPS Team directly at Hope to see you all this summer.

HSBCAMPS 2016 Summer Schedule
June 13th – 15th – Canyon Ridge High School, Twin Falls, ID
June 16th – 18th – Idaho Athletic Club, Eagle, ID
June 20th – 22nd – Capital High School, Boise, ID
June 23rd – 25th – Payette Lakes Middle School, McCall, ID
June 27th – July 1st – Capital High School, Boise, ID
July 6th – 8th – Gooding High School, Gooding, ID
July 11th – 13th – Mountain View High School, Bend, OR
July 11th & 12th – Elite Session Bend Hoops, Bend, OR
July 14th – 16th – Skyview High School, Nampa, ID
July 18th – 22nd – Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club, Mercer Island, WA
July 25th – 27th – Wood River High School, Hailey, ID
August 1st – 3rd – Park City High School, Park City, UT
August 5th – 7th – Bucaplaa, San Juan, PR
August 8th – 10th – Campo Atletico Charles H. Terry, San Juan, PR

Coming Soon
Portland, OR
Meridian, ID
Sydney, Australia
London, England

From The Vault – The Ugly Truth!

Written By HSBCAMPS Director Carson Sofro On February 7, 2011

I had a conversation with a colleague late last week about the concept of “Guaranteed” results. This has always been hard for me to understand. How can you “Guarantee” results in sports?

Although foreign to me, it is something that is promised all over the country.  Parents are willing to spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to get their children to that next level. They will hire the best of the best, in hopes that the best will ensure greatness.

Many professionals who offer services such as these, “Guarantee” results. “I guarantee I can make your son or daughter play at the next level.” Bold statement if you ask me, considering there are so many factors that go in to who makes it and who doesn’t.

In my humble opinion – here are four factors that play into the equation.

You Cannot Teach Athleticism – Athleticism is a gift you are born with or without. You can build strength, you can improve quickness, you can even increase your vertical leap, however the ability to jump 40 plus inches in the air is something that you cannot teach.  A scout once told me there are three ways to make it to the NBA.  You are a phenomenally well rounded player, do one or two things extremely well, or are just a freak athlete. You can’t teach the freak.

The Biggest Influence in the Game is Between Your Ears – Mental toughness is a very hard concept to teach, and something very few ever truly learn. Although Kobe and Lebron are incredibly gifted and hard working athletes, in my opinion, their advantage over competition lies in their head. They are mentally solid in every aspect of the game, which is why they can do what they do night after night.

Geography – I was a factor of this one. You can be a great player, but if no one ever sees you, it doesn’t matter. Though this is becoming easier with advances in technology and the increasing availability of the internet, growing up in Idaho or Montana, for example, is no advantage. Most scouts do not even know where those places are.

Under most circumstances, in order to be great, you need to surround yourself with those that are great or greater than you. You need to challenge yourself by playing with the best players and the toughest competition. This can be hard when you factor in where you live. Sun Valley, Idaho where I grew up, was not a hot bed for future basketball stars. I had to travel to compete, which is not always easy to do.

Dedication and Determination – I have been running HSBCAMPS for years now and this is perhaps the issue that our kids struggle with most. Do you WANT to play at the next level or do you HAVE to play at the next level?

Most people want something but they either don’t understand what it takes to get it or they refuse to work hard enough. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes as we speak, training, competing, and doing everything possible to achieve their dreams. Greatness is not easy – if it was, it would be easily achieved. Even the best are working every day to become better. Think of all of those that are competing for your spot right now.

Formerly a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness, I used to talk to people about their goals and why they were interested in joining the gym. We had a “Guaranteed” training program with “Guaranteed” results. We could guarantee whatever we wanted, as much as we wanted, but I knew as well as anyone that it did not mean it was going to happen. You can promise, you can preach, and you can motivate all you want, but if the person you are pushing does not want to be pushed, it is all for nothing. The guarantee lies with each individual.

I am a firm believer that if we set ourselves up to accomplish, anything is possible. The key lies in WE. We need coaches, we need trainers, we need mentors in our lives, but only WE can force ourselves to do that extra workout, shoot those extra jump shots, and to study when we are exhausted. There’s that old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” The water is there, are you going to drink? Only you can make that decision and don not let anyone tell you otherwise. There are no substitutes for hard work and dedication and no amount of “Guaranteeing” will ever change that.

New – HSB365 Mobile App Now Available For Download!

Access Videos Via Your Smartphone or Tablet

The wait is finally over – last week we received notification that our new HSB365 Mobile App is available for download via the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).  The App is currently free but still in Beta Mode so you will need to be invited or have already created an account to access the content.

Invitations have been going out for the last several months.  If you did not receive one or misplaced your username or password, please don’t hesitate to contact our team so that we can get you the appropriate information.

There are currently nine episodes with corresponding workout sheets and new videos will be uploaded starting next week.  Filming has been ongoing and we plan to upload new content every Tuesday.

We have received several notes, inquiries, and questions throughout the Beta process and have compiled a list of FAQ’s:

What is HSB365?

HSB365 is our brand new online training platform, allowing our parents, players, and pros the ability to connect 365 days a year.  Whether in Boise or not, for the first time ever, we now have a way to train, mentor, and inspire kids from around the globe online.  Players can download workouts & videos, interact with coaches, and get all the latest insight from our forum.  Currently in Beta, all workouts and information are free although we will transition soon to a subscription based service.  Haven’t received your invite?  Email us at

What will you do with my information?

When you click the link provided in the email invite, it will ask you to create an account.  All of the information being collected in this step is kept confidential and is no way shared, sold, or distributed to third parties.  The data is solely used to correspond with our Beta users to ensure that the site is working appropriately.

How do I log in after I have signed out?

After the initial registration process, there are two ways to get back to the site to log-in and continue to utilize the content.  You can visit or download the mobile app directly to your smartphone or tablet.  As noted, the beta launch is private and access is currently restricted to only those that have been invited.

Why can’t I access the forum and other features of the site?

Much of the current functionality of the site has been disabled intentionally.  Our present focus is on improving functionality, eliminating bugs, and retaining integral feedback on our video content. The insight and information that is received from our users during this Beta is paramount to the process.  Please keep your feedback coming and know it is greatly appreciated.

Are there workout sheets that correspond to the videos?

Yes, each of the beta workouts has a corresponding workout sheet that can be downloaded.  Download buttons can be found on the lower right hand side just under the video window. 

What if I am having issues watching the videos?

We are actively working to eliminate all known issues, but they do happen.  If you are having trouble viewing any of the videos, please send us an email at

Will there be position specific content?

Absolutely!  Not only will we be generating content for specific positions, HSB365 will also include team, coaching, and fitness information to create as comprehensive an experience as possible.  Stay tuned!

Can I share these videos on social media sites?

Invites and access at this time are by INVITATION ONLY.  We appreciate your willingness to share these videos with your friends and followers and will allow you to do so when the time is appropriate.  Any specific questions on this matter please email us at

Thanks for your time and continued patience.  Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


-HSB365 Team-

Dear Kobe . . . Thank You!

As First Posted On The Players Tribune

Dear Kobe,
Thank you.
Thank you for your passion, commitment, and dedication to basketball.
Thank you for showing us that 24 is not just the number on your jersey,
but the number of hours in a day you must devote to basketball to be the best.
Thank you for giving and giving and giving.
Thank you for pushing through even when your body was screaming “no,”
but your mind and your heart kept saying “yes.”
For the games that you refused to lose, and those that you always seemed destined to win.
Thank you for your endless drive.
For competing with ruthless ambition and playing with reverence and respect.
For showing us that there’s no such thing as magic but only hard work.
Thank you for making us smile, laugh, yell, cry, jump out of our seats, and chew on our jerseys.
Thank you for playing the game the way it was meant to be played.
Thank you for teaching us to believe in ourselves even if nobody else does.
For 20 years you gave our game all you had, and we are eternally grateful.
Thank you for loving basketball.


What About Mike Harris?

Why Is Nobody Talking About The CBA’s Most Outstanding Player Of 2016?

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it any better.  Record breaking season, miraculous comeback, grande finale – a story for the ages capped off by arguably the greatest turnaround in all of sports history.

From the bottom of the barrel to top of the food chain, American Mike Harris catapulted the 18th seeded Sichuan Blue Whales of China’s CBA from the depths of mediocrity to a 2016 League Championship.  For a club that cumulatively won more games in a single season than their entire history, the transformation that occurred in the Wending District of Southwest, China this year was definitely one of epic proportions.  Considering NBA veterans Metta World Peace, Darius Johnson-Odom, Daniel Orton, DJ White, and Hassan Whiteside had all previously failed to establish a winning tradition in Sichuan, there’s no question.

Posting career best averages of nearly 33 points and 13.5 rebounds per contest, Harris didn’t just rack up on the team accomplishments but also those of an individual nature, returning stateside with the Player of the Year, Forward of The Year, Import of the Year, and First Team All-CBA awards.  With Bryce Cotton, Andrew Goudeluck, Michael Beasley, and several others earning NBA call-ups upon their own returns, it appeared as if the CBA’s most outstanding player of 2016 would follow suit.

However, more than three weeks have passed since Sichuan upset top seeded Liaoning and not a word has been said about Harris. Imagine the Philadelphia 76ers making an offseason veteran acquisition and in 2017 the team goes on to win its first championship since 1983.  Although a highly unlikely event, it is hard to fathom or even imagine that not a single blog, website, or NBA forum wouldn’t be swarming with coverage.  IT WOULD BE EVERYWHERE, especially if it wasn’t the first time the player had been associated with such an enormous feat.

Like in 2015 when Harris helped turn around a Qingdao Eagle’s squad (CBA) from a leagues worst 5-29 record to one of the leagues best at 28-10 and a first ever trip to the post-season tournament; or perhaps three years earlier, when the forward rejuvenated a struggling Ponce franchise in Puerto Rico, leading the Lions to three consecutive trips to the finals and back-to-back BSN Championships.

516696886 (1)-01

Holding a resume littered with accomplishments, hardware, and league MVP trophies this insider begs the question – “What about Mike Harris?”  Playing the best basketball of his entire career marked by significant improvements in almost every statistical category, can it be the Texas native will be overlooked yet again?

The Miami Heat just added 31-year-old Dorell Wright of China’s 15th ranked North Control B., whose 2016 stats failed in comparison to Harris and the Celtics signed D-Leaguer John Holland who according to Hoops Rumors, “is 6’5″ and can play two-guard and small forward but would be significantly undersized.”  Factor Harris’s 6’6 frame, wealth of playoff experience, and ability to dominate inside and out on both sides of the ball, and it would appear he is a much more logical choice than either of the two recent signees.

Two sources have confirmed the Cavaliers had personnel in China for the CBA finals and with an open roster spot Cleveland could be a perfect fit.  Lebron knows Harris from training camp and with lingering injuries and inconsistent play slowing the Cavs down, the risk of signing him may be worth the reward.

As I have said many times before in my pieces on Harris, I am a long time fan, friend, and have even been a business partner of the man, but numbers don’t lie and credit needs to be put where it is due.

So again this insider begs the question, “What about Mike Harris?”  Shouldn’t it be, “How about Mike Harris.”

Cleveland, your on the clock and with a long history of playoff injuries, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Stay tuned!



Summer Update – Eagle Day Camp Added To 2016 LineUp!

Only 35 Spots Available!!!

Click Here To Register

Due to the overwhelming demand, we have added a fourth Treasure Valley Camp to our Summer 2016 lineup.  This particularly session is being held in a smaller venue so availability will be EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!

Just out – America’s fastest growing youth basketball program and the Idaho Athletic Club in Eagle have teamed up to bring kids of all ages and abilities face-to-face with the pros. HSBCAMPS Eagle Day Camp offers boys and girls in the upper elementary, middle, and high school grades (3rd-12th), a chance to train one-on-one with the pros. “Elevate Your Game” with our comprehensive curriculum of fundamental player development drills, station work, organized team competitions, contests, and guest lectures. Every participant will receive extensive knowledge and instruction on every aspect of the game, including intense one-on-one individualized training (Impressive 8:1 player to coach ratio) from our world-class staff. Also included; free camp T-shirt, VIP Shoe & Apparel Deal from Eastbay, and a variety of other giveaways provided by our sponsors. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to come train with the pros!

Remember all registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis and once they are gone, new sign-ups will be directed to the waitlist. As always all that is required to reserve your spot is $35 with no additional fees due until May 1, 2016. Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask.

For more Information or to Register Click Here.

Eagle Day Camp – $185
Location: IAC Eagle
Date: June 16th – 18th, 2016
Time: 9am-3pm
Grades: 3rd-12th
Click Here To Register


How To Get Yourself Recruited

From USA Today HSS
Published March 23, 2016
By Fred Bastie

Let’s get one thing straight right away: Unless you are in the top 2% of athletes in your sport, you won’t be recruited unless you take action to get recruited. If coaches haven’t noticed you yet, you have to make them notice you. You shouldn’t expect college coaches to suddenly find you from a box score, an online profile, or your name in a headline of the school paper. College recruiting doesn’t work that way. The intramural fields are full of athletes that might have been able to play in college, but they relied on someone else to do their work and/or they didn’t have a game plan.

An effective recruiting game plan to get recruited needs to be strategic, realistic and organized. Here is a brief summary of the necessary steps for an effective college recruiting game plan and how to implement each one.

Get evaluated and create a realistic list of college options

To get started, you have to get evaluated both academically and athletically. This is the most important step for most athletes, because if you don’t get it right, your recruiting journey will most likely be a disappointment.

You have to know which level of competition fits your athletic abilities and what type of schools match your academic skill set.  There are three divisions within the NCAA and the NAIA is also a viable option for many athletes. Within each division some college programs are more competitive than others, so an accurate assessment of your athletic abilities is critical in order to create a list of college possibilities.

There are services that can help you with your evaluation, but you can also ask your current coach for an honest assessment of how you “stack up” with other athletes and what level schools you should be focused on. Understand that delivering an honest assessment to a player can be a difficult conversation to have at times.  Consider yourself lucky if your coach cares enough to be completely honest with you.

Ask your coach to suggest some colleges. This will kill two birds with one stone. You will know the right kind of schools to pursue and you will know which colleges your coach might be willing to contact on your behalf.

In addition to an athletic assessment, you have to qualify for admission to any college you decide to pursue. You might be a talented enough athlete to play at a particular college, but if you don’t have the grades and test scores to be admitted, then scratch that school off your list.  Schedule a meeting with your high school guidance counselor to discuss which colleges are right for you. Then do some research on your own.x

Get organized and then get noticed

Your recruiting game plan needs to be organized to be successful. There are online programs to help with this, but a good start would be to set up an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your progress with your targeted colleges. Keep track of each college coach’s contact information, the dates of your communication, the date your current coach made contact and any other information you feel is relevant. This way you will always know where you stand with each school and it will make subsequent correspondence simple.

Once you’re organized, it’s time to get noticed. The easiest way to start is to fill out the recruiting questionnaires on the college websites for the schools in which you have an interest. Then, send an introductory email to the coaches at those colleges. I understand you don’t want to say the wrong thing or irritate a college coach, but if you are polite, to-the-point and respectful, you won’t look desperate, be a pest, or be annoying. As the process continues you should also connect on Twitter, attend a camp or two and have your current coach reach out to your favorite colleges. Be creative with how you try to connect and be persistent. Keep in mind that you have to get noticed before you will ever get recruited.

Get your coach involved and close the deal

Your current coach is the most credible source to vouch for your character, work ethic and athletic abilities. That is why they can be a difference-maker in your recruiting journey. Your coach’s opinion might be as important as the college recruiting coordinator’s opinion in the eyes of a college head coach, because he or she sees you every day during the season. For that reason, you have to be proactive and ask them to get involved.

Most coaches are willing to help their athletes make it to the next level, but you have to help them help you. They need direction and guidance in reaching out to programs that are a match for your abilities.  First, be sure your coach agrees that the schools you have targeted are a good fit. Don’t expect your coach to call Harvard if you don’t have the grades and don’t expect them to contact Ohio State if you don’t have the skill set to make their roster.

Then, be mindful that their time is precious. Give your coach an easily executable game plan and the information college coaches will want. Provide the college coach’s contact information for your top 3 to 5 college choices along with your athletic and academic resumes so your current coach has all the information he or she needs when making the first contact.

A coach who is willing to take the time to tout your abilities and character speaks volumes about you as a player, a teammate and a student.   If your current coach doesn’t know how or can’t help you, then find an alternative! Ask an assistant coach, a skills coach or even an opposing coach.

Here’s the deal

Take the time to create and follow a recruiting game plan. You don’t want to be the athlete that says, “Well, I could have played in college, but things just didn’t work out for me.”

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