Academy News – Online System & Summer Schedule!

Crazy to think it is already summer. Many of you have asked about the Academy schedule for June and July so here goes. Although there will be some conflicts with camps in which we will not meet regularly, for the most part the Academy will be in operation. All cancellations will be posted to the schedule in the online registration system. To avoid showing up to a class that has been changed, please make sure you are using MindBody, pre-registering for classes, or checking for news updates on our website.

For example, there will be no sessions next week (June 15th-20th) due to camps in McCall and Twin Falls. For those that have not yet started using our new system, you may not be aware of this change.
Remember there are two ways to access your account – via a computer or by downloading our new HSB Academy app through the Play Store (Android) or iTunes for Apple users.

Thanks in advance and any questions email We have been working diligently to improve all of our systems and appreciate your patience through this transition. Have a great summer!

-The HSB Academy Team-

HSB 365 Update – New Content Every Tuesday!

Mark your weekly calendars – as of June 2nd, the HSB365 team is excited to report that every Tuesday from here on out we will be uploading new content to the site. Offering year round access to training videos, workouts sheets, a live blog, and much more, HSB365 is the perfect outlet for players looking to improve their game this off-season. Currently in “Invite Only Mode”, if you have not received an invitation to join please email us at for instant access.

As always feedback on the videos and functionality is greatly appreciated as we continue to develop and implement the various features of the site. An official live launch is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned!

What is HSB365?
Nearly two and a half years in the making, HSB365 is a next-level web & mobile application designed by serious basketball players, for serious basketball players. The latest creation from HSBCAMPS (America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative), HSB365 gives players of all ages, incomes, and physical abilities instant access to the most comprehensive basketball training environment ever produced online.

Pay It Forward – Thomas Takes A Moment To Give Back!

With a basketball resume that expands around the globe, and a growing list of accolades most players could only dream, HSB Coach Tayron Thomas always seems to be finding ways to raise the bar.  Never passing on an opportunity to inspire others, excited fans took to Facebook and Instagram Tuesday, as the 31-year-old veteran returned to San Martin (where his Dominican career started) to share some words of wisdom with the Escuela de Baloncesto David Diaz.

“Giving back to the community that showed me love the past 6 years thru the good and the bad!!! ‪#‎BLESSED‬ ‪#‎ILOVEPASSINGKNOWLEDGETOTHEKIDS‬,” he shared.

In The News – Felipe Lopez Receives UN Philanthropy Award!

There are few with a bigger heart for helping others than NBA veteran Felipe Lopez – so much so that last week the United Nations recognized the forty-year-old Dominican native for all his hard work.  Here is what he had to say:

“Words cannot described how grateful im to have received a #philanthropy award @TheUnitedNations @unitednation. Thanks to #UNCSF founder & President of American-China Sports Association #AmyZhou my brothers @dreyes34 #jermainegrant. The lovely host of evening @hot97 #streetsoldier @fox5ny @lisaeverslive. Congrats to the others recipients my #Dominican Hermanos @ifbbvictormartinez @nfl @tutanreyes @nba @AnthonyAvent00.”

Live From Bolivia – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Hello friends and campers – just shooting you guys a quick update from down in South America.  I started off this last season playing in the top league in Colombia.  Unfortunately facing some minor injuries and a tough losing streak they deciding to send me home and go in another direction.  It’s never fun to be released but I believe everything happens for a reason.

When I arrived back in the states things turned and they turned quickly.  My beautiful daughter was born in good health and within a week I was offered a job in Bolivia (San Simon) playing in the top league with an opportunity to compete for a title.   We currently sit 7-0 heading into tonights matchup with the second ranked team from Santa Cruz.  It’s certainly going to be a big test.

I’m playing well averaging 21.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.  I’ve been carrying the HSB banner down here helping and training kids with some of the drills from camps and the Academy.  They may speak a different language but when it comes to hard work, sacrificing, and believing in yourself that message seems to be universal.  It’s cool to know I’m not only excelling on the court myself but getting the opportunity to help some future Bolivian stars with their game.

Ok gotta go but I’ll keep you guys updated and hope to see you late this summer with some fancy hardware and more great stories to share.  Keep working hard and stay tuned!

In The News – Petty Earns First Team Honors!

The ballots are in – as reported by May 23rd, there’s a familiar face toping the 2015 Lebanese Basketball charts.  Moutahed Point Guard Perry Petty (Milwaukee, WI) received two awards, earning  spots on the All-League and All-Import First Teams.  Scoring nearly 22 points and dishing out more than 7 assists per game, the American was ranked amongst the leagues best in nearly every major statistical category.  Now playing in Qatar, stay tuned for a more detailed follow up next week.

New Registration System – MindBody FAQ’s!

Last winter we took on the daunting task of updating all of our systems at HSB.  Looking for something much more mobile and user friendly, we opted to transition all of our online registration over to MindBody.  A product we have used with great success in the Academy, we felt it was an appropriate solution.  Though many of you have navigated the system without issue, some have been having trouble.  To clear up any potential problems we wanted to provide some answers to the most commonly asked questions.


I already have an account, why won’t it let me log in?

As mentioned the system is 100% brand new, therefor everyone will be required to set-up a new account to register. Click Here to get started.


I have set up an account, why can’t I log in?

This question will be targeted to those that are utilizing MindBody for our Academy.  Although they use the same software, the Academy and Camps use different databases.  You will be required to set-up a new account for each.  If you are getting an error message, make sure you are completely logged out of the Academy site.  It will not allow you to get to the Camps page without logging out of the Academy page completely.  You will know you are at the right spot if the logo at the top is blue and say HSBCAMPS.


I am registering multiple kids – do I need to set up a separate account for each one?

No – although the system is not great for families (they are working on a fix for this), you can register all of your children under one account using the “Add A Sibling Tab” in your profile.  Please make sure to complete each profile by filling out all the index questions (t-shirts, grade, position, etc.) for each user.


If I use the a payment method, when are my payments due?

Payments are the same as they are every year.  On May 1, 2015, 50% of your outstanding balance was due with the remaining due 30 days before camp starts.  Click Here to log in and make a payment.


How do I make a payment?

Under the Account Details section of your account, if you have a balance you will see a button that says “Make a Payment.”  Click this to be redirected to the payment portal.


For those that have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.  Appreciate your patience through all of this and look forward to seeing you on the court this summer.


“Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready”

Great article from James Clear – thought we would share:

“In 1966, a dyslexic sixteen-year-old boy dropped out of school. With the help of a friend, he started a magazine for students and made money by selling advertisements to local businesses. With only a little bit of money to get started, he ran the operation out of the crypt inside a local church.

Four years later, he was looking for ways to grow his small magazine and started selling mail order records to the students who bought the magazine. The records sold well enough that he built his first record store the next year. After two years of selling records, he decided to open his own record label and recording studio.

He rented the recording studio out to local artists, including one named Mike Oldfield. In that small recording studio, Oldfield created his hit song, Tubular Bells, which became the record label’s first release. The song went on to sell over 5 million copies.

Over the next decade, the young boy grew his record label by adding bands like the Sex Pistols, Culture Club, and the Rolling Stones. Along the way, he continued starting companies: an airline business, then trains, then mobile phones, and on and on. Almost 50 years later, there were over 400 companies under his direction.

Today, that young boy who dropped out of school and kept starting things despite his inexperience and lack of knowledge is a billionaire. His name is Sir Richard Branson.

How I Met Sir Richard Branson

Two weeks ago, I walked into a conference room in Moscow, Russia and sat down ten feet from Branson. There were 100 other people around us, but it felt like we were having a conversation in my living room. He was smiling and laughing. His answers seemed unrehearsed and genuine.

At one point, he told the story of how he started Virgin Airlines, a tale that seems to capture his entire approach to business and life. Here’s the version he told us, as best I can remember it:

“I was in my late twenties, so I had a business, but nobody knew who I was at the time. I was headed to the Virgin Islands and I had a very pretty girl waiting for me, so I was, umm, determined to get there on time.

At the airport, my final flight to the Virgin Islands was cancelled because of maintenance or something. It was the last flight out that night. I thought this was ridiculous, so I went and chartered a private airplane to take me to the Virgin Islands, which I did not have the money to do.

Then, I picked up a small blackboard, wrote “Virgin Airlines. $29.” on it, and went over to the group of people who had been on the flight that was cancelled. I sold tickets for the rest of the seats on the plane, used their money to pay for the chartered plane, and we all went to the Virgin Islands that night.”

—Richard Branson

The Habits of Successful People

After speaking with our group, Branson sat on a panel with industry experts to talk about the future of business. As everyone around him was filling the air with business buzzwords and talking about complex ideas for mapping out our future, Branson was saying things like: “Screw it, just get on and do it.” Which was closely followed by: “Why can’t we mine asteroids?”

As I looked up at that panel, I realized that the person who sounded the most simplistic was also the only one who was a billionaire. Which prompted me to wonder, “What’s the difference between Branson and everyone else in the room?”

Here’s what I think makes all the difference:

Branson doesn’t merely say things like, “Screw it, just get on and do it.” He actually lives his life that way. He drops out of school and starts a business. He signs the Sex Pistols to his record label when everyone else says they are too controversial. He charters a plane when he doesn’t have the money.

When everyone else balks or comes up with a good reason for why the time isn’t right, Branson gets started. He figures out how to stop procrastinating and take the first step — even if it seems outlandish.

Start Now

Branson is an extreme example, but we could all learn something from his approach.

If you want to summarize the habits of successful people into one phrase, it’s this: successful people start before they feel ready.

If there was ever someone who embodied the idea of starting before they felt ready to do so, it’s Branson. The very name of his business empire, Virgin, was chosen because when Branson and his partners started they were “virgins” when it came to business.

Branson has started so many businesses, ventures, charities, and expeditions that it’s simply not possible for him to have felt prepared, qualified, and ready to start all of them. In fact, it’s unlikely that he was qualified or prepared to start any of them. He had never flown a plane and didn’t know anything about the engineering of planes, but he started an airline company anyway. He is a perfect example of why the “chosen ones” choose themselves.

If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.

You’re bound to feel uncertain, unprepared, and unqualified. But let me assure you of this: what you have right now is enough. You can plan, delay, and revise all you want, but trust me, what you have now is enough to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to start a business, lose weight, write a book, or achieve any number of goals… who you are, what you have, and what you know right now is good enough to get going.

We all start in the same place: no money, no resources, no contacts, no experience. The difference is that some people — the winners — choose to start anyway.

No matter where you are in the world and regardless of what you’re working on, I hope you’ll start before you feel ready.”

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