Parents, Players, & Supporters,

You have believed in us, supported us, and have given us the tools to carry forth our mission to develop, empower, and encourage future generations. What started as a simple idea, has become a very powerful reality and we have you to thank for it.

Many have seen the news, read the paper, and realized the word is finally out. Carrying on the tradition that through Hard Work, Sacrifice, and the Belief in oneself anything is possible, this family, our HSB family, has started a groundbreaking initiative to forever change the athletic and educational landscape for children throughout this great state.

Knowing full well that you, the parents, players, and supporters that believed in us from the beginning, have been the catalyst behind all of this, both Michael, myself, and the rest of the HSB team, would like to extend a very heart felt invitation and welcome your attendance at our upcoming September 12th event. Featuring celebrities, dignitaries, and an expansive list of decorated professional athletes, the evening will certainly be one you will not want to miss.

Be amongst the first to hear project details, including its amenities, global and economic impact, and most importantly, how SPI will build a brighter tomorrow for all of Idaho’s children.

Many have expressed their plans to attend, however, with all of the recent press and media coverage, many of the tickets and tables have already been spoken for. Again none of this would have been possible without you, and we hope you can join. Please purchase your tickets before it is too late by visiting Thanks again and look forward to sharing the facilities mission, vision, and purpose with all of you on the 12th.