Coach Cliff Opens New York Stock Exchange!

Great story from Channel 9 WAFB and Anchor Donna Britt, first published 10/14/2016.  Big congrats to Coach Cliff.  Keep up the good work!

Houston, TX – When the New York Stock Exchange opened for business Friday, October 14, a native of Zachary helped ring the opening bell.

Cliff Ghoram works in Houston for Constellation, a subsidiary of energy giant Exelon. He stood up on the balcony above the Stock Exchange’s opening tally along with the CEOs of Constellation and Exelon. To hear him tell it, Ghoram is a simple rank and file worker.

“I started as an intern. I’ve moved up. I’m only an analyst, but I’ve done big projects,” he said.

The email that delivered the news he would fly to New York to be there for the company’s unveiling as a new member of the Fortune 100 list, said that Ghoram was excellent at work, but also invested a big piece of his free time volunteering.

“I actually met the CEO at one of the volunteer events. He asked about me and said I was always taking the  initiative, asking questions,” Ghoram said.

Ghoram’s mother back in Zachary, Denise Ghoram, said on Wednesday, she will try to watch the opening bell at the stock market on the internet. She took the day off for this, that’s how excited she is!

“I wanted to say about when I read how he was chosen because of his work and his volunteerism,” said Denise, who knows what her son has done in the community. “He’s come back home last Christmas and he put on a basketball clinic, the kids came and he did it out of his pocket, waved charges, fed everybody, gave them skills. He had motivational talks and then he had some shoes, that he let the kids pick from the pile and take home.”

He has also mentored youth at their church in Zachary, New Pilgrim Baptist.

Denise said she overheard one thing that stuck with her that he said to the youth at church: “Do what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you like it or not.”

Ghoram, who played basketball at Rice University in Houston on scholarship, played for international teams.

“After Rice, I played overseas, in Chile. I got my start in Europe in Milan. My last swing at it was in Nova Scotia,” Ghoram said. “Then I ended up going back to school. I coached in St. John’s in Houston and went back to school. Then went for my masters at Texas A&M.”

Cliff Ghoram got his masters in Maritime Administration and Logistics. In fact, he was one of the first to finish in the fledgling program at A&M. His piece of corporate analysis was outstanding and A&M entered him in international competition.

Competing against 20 other students from around the world, Ghoram placed in the top three for the International Maritime industry group in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and went on to present again in another industry symposium in Tasmania, Australia.

Shining in maritime circles, Ghoram had been working as an intern at Exelon’s Constellation energy group headquarters in Houston. When they realized he was finished with school Constellation hired him.

Energy, natural gas, and utilities must draw from the same skills that maritime does, but it’s Ghoram’s continuing volunteer work in Houston that sets him apart from other workers, perhaps as a leader of tomorrow.

Ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange is but a step in this 28-year-old’s future. However, you can expect he’s gonna make his name his way.

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HSB Coaches In The News

HSB Coach Mike Harris and his beautiful wife Elsa welcomed their third child into the world May 12, 2016. Please join us in congratulating them on the birth of their son.

Following his standout season in Germany this year, HSB’s own Suleiman Braimoh has been invited to try-out for the Nigerian National team. Only a handful of players are ever granted such an honor and opportunity to represent their country. Way to go Sulei!

Coach Perry Petty and his squad in Hungary came up just short of the Finals this year losing Game 5 of the semi’s 77-69 on May 29th. Perry led the way for Kormend with 24 points and 6 rebounds in the loss.

Live From Colombia – Coach B Checks In!

What’s going on kids. This is Coach B from HSBCAMPS reporting live from Bogata, Colombia. Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update from down here. This is my first time playing in South America or a league outside of Europe and there is a big difference. I thought I was going to faint the first couple of games and practices due to the altitude. The air is very thin which got me winded within 5 minutes, lol. I’ve settled in and adjusted to the climate and have been playing well. As of now I’m averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, and my team is currently in the 2nd round of playoffs. If we win two more games we will be playing in the finals. Been thinking a lot about you guys and all the fun we had this summer. I want to encourage y’all to keep working and remember practice and dedication are the key. Make sure you listen to Carson and Mike and the rest of the staff. They know what they are talking about. Until next time – stay blessed! Coach B

Live From Bolivia – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Hello friends and campers – just shooting you guys a quick update from down in South America.  I started off this last season playing in the top league in Colombia.  Unfortunately facing some minor injuries and a tough losing streak they deciding to send me home and go in another direction.  It’s never fun to be released but I believe everything happens for a reason.

When I arrived back in the states things turned and they turned quickly.  My beautiful daughter was born in good health and within a week I was offered a job in Bolivia (San Simon) playing in the top league with an opportunity to compete for a title.   We currently sit 7-0 heading into tonights matchup with the second ranked team from Santa Cruz.  It’s certainly going to be a big test.

I’m playing well averaging 21.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.  I’ve been carrying the HSB banner down here helping and training kids with some of the drills from camps and the Academy.  They may speak a different language but when it comes to hard work, sacrificing, and believing in yourself that message seems to be universal.  It’s cool to know I’m not only excelling on the court myself but getting the opportunity to help some future Bolivian stars with their game.

Ok gotta go but I’ll keep you guys updated and hope to see you late this summer with some fancy hardware and more great stories to share.  Keep working hard and stay tuned!

#ReportingLiveFrom Bolivia – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Hey y’all – Coach Tyray reaching out with another update from down south.  Just finished my second professional regular season.  We ended the year with the best record and number one overall seed heading into the playoffs.

I’ve played in two different countries now (Europe and South America) and in the past two years I’ve only lost four games.  I’m blessed to already have one championship from last year in Europe and am now looking to do the same here in Bolivia.  My team finished the first round of the playoffs going 2-1 against fourth ranked Santa Cruz.  I continued to play well averaging 21.3 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.

Next up is the Bolivian League Championship.  Should be an interesting match up.   One of my close friends Fred Wood, also from Milwaukee, plays for the opposing team.  Guess we will see who can bring the championship back home lol.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for all the support.

Update – Quincy Miller Drops 31 In Impressive D League Debut!

When news broke late last week that NBA free agent Quincy Miller was heading to the D-League, the basketball world took note.  Out of action nearly six weeks following his release from Denver in October, the 22-year-old swingman wasted little time silencing his critics and making a strong case for a quick NBA return.

In just 25 minutes of action, Miller put up 31 points on an impressive 6-10 from behind the arc,  grabbing 4 rebounds, a steal, and a block, in a 156-130 rout over the Erie Bayhawks.  With age, athleticism, and a renewed sense of determination on his side, Miller already appears destined for a call-up, garnering the attention of several GM’s from around the league.  Rumors have tied the 6’10 forward to the Rockets, Lakers, Kings, and Sixers to name a few, and with continued production like he had Sunday night, it is not hard to see why.

When will we see Miller back in the league?  Only time will tell, but this insider thinks “Q” is already well on his way.

Running On All Cylinders – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Just got this update from Coach Tyray who is doing big things down in Cochabamba, Bolivia

“Still playing in Bolivia’s top league where my team is now first place in the standings.  We have gone 7-1 since I got here and haven’t lost a game since Oct. 26th.   Loving every minute but still not satisfied and always finding a way to get better.  Stay tuned!”


Reporting Live From South America – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Hey HSB Family:  Just giving you all an update.  I’ve taken my talents to South America.  I’m currently in Cocahabamba, Bolivia, playing in the top league here for the next couple months.  I got the call after one of the teams guards tore his ACL.  Being ready is real like Carson and the staff always preach in camp.   You really don’t know when or where your next opportunity will come from so you just always gotta be ready.

The city I’m in is beautiful with very friendly people.   It is the largest city in the country. Our first game was an away game.  I played well and showed flashes that I could hang with the best in the league, although as a team we came up short.   Second game was at home.  Our gym holds about 3000 people and we packed it out.  I had a breakout of sorts, wowing the crowd and finishing the night with 35 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists in the win.

Last night we were really tested as a team.  Playing at over 4,000 ft above sea level isn’t easy but we found a way to pull it out.  Despite the obstacles I was able to score 18 of my 27 point in the forth to help in great team victory over La Paz.

We are currently in 3rd place at 4-2 riding a 3-game winning streak.  Our next big test is Saturday night.  I’ll keep you guys posted as the season goes along.  Keep working hard.  This is #TP15 signing out.

Clausen’s Corner – Training Tips From The Big Guy!

Good fitness habits don’t have to be left behind while on a business trip. Maybe you are a “road warrior”….you know, that kind of human who spends days and even weeks each month far from home due to business travel. If you exercise when in your hometown, you may worry that your travel schedule comes first in comparison to maintaining a healthy exercise regimen when on the road. Besides bad airport food, that hotel fitness center, if one exists at all, is probably a sorry conciliation to what you’re used to at home.

Should poor workout facilities be an obstacle to exercise while traveling? Does business travel always crush your intentions to be fit and healthy? The simple answer is no. You need to rethink exercise on the whole. The good news is you’ve already started. Give yourself credit for already getting some exercise in during the process of traveling. Carrying luggage, walking the concourses at ORD, LAX, LGA, ATL or any of the other major hubs, perhaps sprinting to catch a flight – all of these things involve some degree of physical activity. Still, you are not working out at your regular gym in your customary routine. Not only does travel pit you against bad or non-existent fitness facilities, your time availability for exercise may be restricted. My suggestion is to attack each of these problems directly, turning difficulty into opportunity.

Making Do:

Variety is the spice of life AND fitness. Perhaps your workout routines at home have become … routine. Having to improvise with a poor hotel fitness center – you know, the room with one or two cardio machines and a set of mismatched dumbbells ranging in weights from 5 to 20 pounds, with one 15 pound dumbbell gone missing – might actually wake up a few new muscles if you think outside the box. Rethink the exercise circumstances in these terms:

Get More From Less:

If you’re used to doing bicep curls with 25 pound dumbbells but the highest weights available are 20 pounds, use the “super slow” method of a 10-second count up, 10-second count down. Pause at the point that is hardest to do for 1-3 seconds. Apply the same thinking to any weight that is not as much as you’re used to lifting. Want to make it harder yet? Lift one foot off the ground while performing this and other upper body exercises to add a core-stability dynamic to the workout.

Go Hard On That Old Equipment:

If you’re used to state-of-the-art equipment that provides a full range of motion, or, if you generally work with free weights because of the full-body benefits found in most free weight exercises, don’t worry if the hotel gym has a pre-1978 “universal” gym. Yes, that limited-range bench press would be bad for you if you used it three times a week. Sure, the set range of motion with the shoulder press machine doesn’t give you the full fledged exercise you know is so important. But this is just one day out of many. Use this equipment (assuming there are no safety concerns with it injuring you) to push your weight limits a bit higher. If your muscles fail, the equipment at least prevents injury that might happen with free weights. If the weight maxes out before you do, try everything with one limb instead of two.

Go To Real Places:

Life is not a treadmill – it’s running down streets and along parkways and on beaches. What better way to take in your environment than a quick jog in neighborhood of the hotel? Or, if the hotel stairwell is accessible, forget the StairMaster and go for a real climb.

Workout In The Hotel Room – With Limited-Time:

One of the biggest barriers in traveling and maintaining your healthy lifestyle is time. Close in second and third are stress and access. As a result, many individuals find their health being compromised by the demands of their jobs. Does that sound about right?

Even if the hotel doesn’t have an exercise facility, you can alleviate both stress and time factors when you learn to exercise in your room. Think about this: take 15-30 minutes in the comfort and solitude of your own room, with the television tuned to the channel of your choice and your laptop not far away in case some great thoughts surface when your endorphins kick in.

This workout is graduated by time periods: a 15-minute workout if that’s all you can do, with additional exercises if you have 30 minutes.

The 15 Minute Hotel Workout:

This segment primarily focuses on the lower body. A huge benefit is that by working these large muscle groups, you are creating a more active metabolism – a real benefit for the calories of that Cinnabon you ate at the airport.

Inverted Bicycle: Start out by lying face up in bed or on the floor, legs lifted straight up at a perpendicular angle to your torso. Begin “pedaling” your legs, bicycle style with wide circles, for two to four minutes.

Squat-Reaches: Plant your feet on the floor, shoulder distance apart. Squat down as low as you can go without falling over, touching the floor or your ankles if possible. Rise all the way up onto the front balls of your feet, heels raised off the floor, then return to the squat position. Repeat ten times, times three sets.

One-Leg Squats: Stand at the side of your bed, facing away from the bed. Lift your left leg from the floor and extend it straight back onto the bed such that you are putting most of your weight on your right leg. Slowly lower your whole body on the right leg, maintaining an upright torso. After reaching the lowest level, rise up again. Repeat ten times on both legs, times three sets.

The 30 Minute Hotel Workout:

Now that you’ve worked your lower body during the previous 15 minutes, focus on the “push” motion in your upper body if you have the time. As the name implies, push exercises generally involve force to move something away from the body. (On a subsequent day, a “pull” motion would be fitting.)

Below-Grade Pushups: Set up two stable desk chairs (non roller wheels for obvious reasons) about 3-5 feet away from the bed and facing each other, about 6 inches wider than your shoulders. With your feet on the bed and hands on the opposing chairs, lower your body (plank form, in a straight line passing from your ankles through your knees, hips, torso and shoulders) to the lowest position you can manage, even to the point where your chest is lower than your hands. Return to the starting position, and repeat 10-30 times.

Tricep Dips: Keeping the chairs in approximately the same position as with the pushups, turn around to face the ceiling, with feet firmly near the edge of the bed, your hands on the chairs and arms fully extended. Keeping the hips as high as possible, slowly lower your body by bending the elbows outward. When you reach the lowest point possible, pause then press up with the arms. Repeat ten times, times three sets. Still want more of a challenge? Put luggage on your lap to add weight.

Two-Hand Shoulder Press: Stand with your right hand at shoulder level as if you were about to raise a dumbbell in that hand but with the palm face open. Instead, reach your left arm across your face and place the left palm face down onto the right. Press up with the right, but simultaneous oppose that by pressing down with the left. Do this slowly, allowing the right to rise all the way up in about 8 seconds. After a pause, press the right hand down to the starting position at shoulder level. After ten repetitions, switch sides, then repeat for three sets each side. Note how both shoulders and arms are exercising in different ways and to different effects.

Did your time run out but you still want more? If you find yourself waiting in a line later in the day do some toe raises! Rise up on the front balls of your feet – better, onto one foot only – and hold that rise for 3-10 seconds. If you have heavy luggage in one or both hands, the exercise progresses to another level. This calf workout also helps improve balance – even though the people in line behind you may believe an imbalance of another kind! But why should you care? You are fighting back against the unhealthy forces of business travel. And winning!

Checking In – Coach 2P’s Live From Roma!

Coach 2P’s checking in from Roma, Italy.  First and foremost, it’s a wonderful city, with lots of historic sites – very nice here.  On the basketball side of things it is going pretty well. I had a decent preseason.  Didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but in due time I will figure it out.  It can be tough adjusting sometimes.  I am working extremely hard to adapt and once I do I know it will be trouble for this league.  Always like hearing from you guys so feel free to drop me a line from your side of the pond.  I’ll do my part and keep you guys posted on my progress.  Keep working hard!

Coach 2P’s