NBA Training Camp Update – Mike Harris Doing Work In Minnesota

For most its just another Monday but for NBA players and free agents all over the country, today marks the first day of training camp. Just got this photo on Facebook and thought I would share. Big shout out to #HSBCAMPS own Mike Harris trying to do his thing this year with the Timberwolves. From all of us at HSB, send Mike your thoughts and prayers on making this years roster and moving up in the NBA World.

“Anyone Can Start Today & Make A New Ending”

Hello folks, it’s Coach Tayron #reportinglivefrom Manizales, Colombia.  Been a while since my last update and a lot has happened since then! For two months now I have really stepped up my game and been playing extremely well!  A month ago, I was in the Dominican Republic where my team won eight straight, finished in first place with a 12-3 record, and clinched a playoff berth after a 30 point/6 rebound/6 assist performance by yours truly.  Then BOOM it happened, something that nobody was expecting including myself, the fans, and the organization!

I was given a great opportunity to play in Colombia and show off my talents in a new country! Obviously I was a little bit devastated to leave the Dominican Republic as I’ve been with the team past three years now, and it’s become like a second home! However, I know that sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and you may not be able to please everyone.  Basketball at this level is a business and like anything it doesn’t last forever so at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you and your family.  Although tough, I welcomed the opportunity and set off on my latest basketball adventure in South America!

The city is very family oriented, peaceful, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.   The locals have been very hospitable which has led to a nice transition.  Manizales not only has amazing coffee but is situated right next to an active volcano which is actually used to heat some of the pools in town.  We had a team event at one of the local hotels and I found out the pool water came direct from the volcano.  The water was really hott but incredibly relaxing doing my body some much needed justice, lol!!

Now back to basketball.   The fans here really appreciate the players and the organization although they haven’t had a winning season in over ten years! With that in mind, you know I had to bring my “A” game just for the fans. Halfway thru the season, I’m proud to say we are tied for first place at 8-2 and are finally giving these fans what they’ve waiting so long to see.  I’m having an excellent season and in fact, one of the top coaches in the league said, and I quote,”Thomas is the best import I ever seen here in Colombia.  He does it all, he already killed us twice.”  A little taken back by his words, I recognize that when you get an opportunity and you take advantage of it, this is the kind of feedback and result you can get!

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed the update, keep working hard, and continue striving for your goals both on and off the court!  By the way even though I left, my team in DR (Dominican Republic) still made it to the finals (which start today), so I want to give a big shout-out and good luck to the San Fransisco Indios @indiossfm (Go Get That Chip)!!  Until next time, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

A Pros Perspective – PBL MVP Perry Petty On Training At HSB Academy

This summer we were honored to have 2012 Premier Basketball League (PBL) MVP Perry Petty spend a few weeks with us at the Academy in Eagle.  Currently under contract with Giurgiu in Romania, we took a moment to catch up with Perry about his experience at the Academy and wanted to share what he had to say.

“Training with HSB Academy was hands down the best overall basketball training I have done in my life (no disrespect to anyone who has trained me).  It took my regular three hour workouts and condensed them into an intense one hour session, brushing every aspect of my game, from shooting and ball handling,  all the way to rebounding, cardio, strength, explosiveness,  and even hand eye coordination. The workouts helped me not only to become a better all around player but pushed me to really train at game speed and prepare myself for game time situations.  I learned many drills, the majority of which I can work on on my own.  It seemed like there were new drills everyday keeping you guessing while challenging you at the same time. Following a great year as MVP of the PBL,  HSB academy provided me with everything I needed and more to continue to grow as a player and a young man. I set goals knowing they are achievable, face challenges knowing I can overcome them, and most importantly I know I have a strong network of coaches and players that play or have played that I can relate to and get advice from about anything and everything.  Thanks again HSB Academy!  I’ll definitely be back soon.”

Truth & Rumors: Are Basketball Pros Training In Boise?

There has been a buzz of late, that professional players have been spotted training at various sites throughout the Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  Of all the places they could be, why Boise?  World renowned for its football powerhouse and more than unusual blue turf, Boise has never been a hot bed for collegiate and professional athletes looking to make the jump to the next level . . . until now!

Following in the footsteps of HSBCAMPS, the countries fastest growing youth basketball program, Director Carson Sofro and colleague Michael Quinney opened the states first year round training academy last fall in Eagle.  Just eleven months later, HSB Academy is not only home to some of Boise’s top talent, but the country’s as well.

For three weeks this summer, HSB Academy has played host to a handful of athletes looking to improve their game, including those of NBA stature.  Players with contracts in  Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the NBA-Development League, and most recently NBA veteran Mike Harris, have made the trek to Boise to take part in the innovative and challenging sessions offered by HSB Academy personnel each and every week.

“I have to say, the training at HSB Academy is up there with the best of them,” shared Houston native and European pro JR Harrison.  “The combination of real live game action and situational training they incorporate into every workout is amazing. It’s like playing in a real game.”  Others have quite the same to report.

Mike Harris, whose accolades include a decorated career both in the NBA and overseas added, “This training is on a different level than almost anything I’ve ever experienced. The combination of conditioning, skill work, and mental toughness, pushes players to their limits and I always look forward to the getting to push myself every opportunity I get.”

Training talent from the early elementary grades to the collegiate and professional levels, HSB Academy is a must for anyone looking to step up their game.  “We have a great following in Boise and have done so somewhat under the radar,” shared Academy Director Carson Sofro.  “There are several hundred athletes in the program to date, and the results and achievements we have been able to be a part of with each an every one of them has been amazing.”

With dozens of training sessions offered weekly at four locations throughout the Treasure Valley, be sure to check out HSB Academy and all it has to offer.  Even better, the first session is free!

Coach 2 P’s Checks In From The Other Side Of The World

Hey everyone!!  It’s Perry Petty aka 2P’s or P squared or P double of HSB Camps.  Just updating you guys on what’s been going on over here on the other side of the pond. I’m playing ball in Romania this season for Giurgiu.  Been here a few weeks now for preseason training and conditioning.  Yesterday we ran to Bulgaria from Romania.  Didn’t even know that was possible lol! I played well in our first preseason game the first week I was here and we have many more to come.  Miss all of you back home and will keep everyone updated every chance I get.  If you can, please like my fan page @PerryPetty. Thanks and hope all is well.

From The Top – HSBCAMPS Director Carson Sofro Checks In

Dear Parents & Players,

What a summer it has been!  With August coming to a close, I have had some time to sit down, look back, and reflect on all that has happened over the last few months.  Our programs are growing, players are improving, and there are many new and exciting things on the horizon.  To say that both our staff and myself have been blessed would be an understatement.  We have been given an unimaginable gift, the ability to train, mentor, and educate, thousands of young men and women from around the world, and we could not be happier with this opportunity we have been given.

Our summer this year was epic.  A journey that spanned over two months and more than 15,500 miles, I cannot help but smile thinking of all the new friends, new faces, and new places we now call home.  I know I speak on behalf of the entire HSBCAMPS staff when I say that we are encouraged and anxious to hear about the successes of our players in 2012 and beyond.

I wanted to take this moment to thank the parents, school districts, facility personnel, volunteers, and all others that have made all this possible for giving us the opportunity to change lives.  Your support and encouragement have been unwavering, and we are so excited to be able to call you family.

To all the players, keep working hard, sacrificing, and believing that anything is possible. May all your goals be achieved and surpassed in 2012 and 2013.  I cannot wait to see all of you when we return to the court next summer, and please stay tuned on our site for a series of exciting announcements and updates coming soon.

My Best To All Of You!


The Sun Valley Experience – A Special Message From Coach Sulei

Traveling from Houston, Texas to the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho, #HSBCAMPS Coach Suleiman Braimoh reflects on his trip to central Idaho this summer & all that it entailed on Enjoy!

“Earlier this week, through my affiliation with HSB Camps, I got the opportunity to visit Sun Valley, ID. When you first think about Idaho, elite, upscale, exclusive, and a great experience aren’t the things that first come to mind. At least those weren’t the things that came to my mind. However, this trip definitely was one to remember. I’ll be the first to admit that for most of this trip I was in awe. The sights were breathtaking and the people I got to meet were phenomenal. Add that to the fact that some of America’s elite reside or are affiliated with Sun Valley and you start to get a sense of the type of experience I had.

The two highlights of this trip for me were going up to Red Fish Lake and being a guest bartender at the Corner Stone Bar in Ketchum. The drive to and from Red Fish Lake was very scenic. I believe that if I start describing the sights and how scenic the drive was, a thousand words later I’d still not have done it justice. Simply put, I got to see the mountains and the vastness of nature. The lake itself has beautiful and clear water. I was tempted to jump in but the water was too cold and I am not about that life.

The second highlight of the trip was being a bartender. I’d like to preface this story by saying that I have a lot of friends and associates that are and were bartenders. I have always been intrigued by bartending and at one point I was considering being one for a little while, so when this opportunity came up for me to be a bartender for the night I immediately jumped on it and I loved every minute of it. I along with my bartending partners made about $400 in tips that night (all the proceeds went to charity…HSB Cares). The best part of the whole bartending experience was the conversations I got to have with the different people that came into the bar. That was the part that I enjoyed the most. The actual drink making part was kind of tough because I definitely did not know what to put in almost all the drink orders I received. Luckily for me a young lady by the name of Molly who was a bartender helped me out every step of the way.

An interesting note on Molly is she has this habit of touching or tapping you every time she walks by you behind the bar. She explains it as “just letting you know where I am or just letting you know that I’m passing by.” It’s nothing crazy, it’s just a light tap but I’d like to say it’s very effective and actually helped prevent a few spills behind the bar. I know I’m big, goofy, and take up a lot of space so it definitely helped.

Another key note from the bartending was I now know what my specialty drink is going to be. It’s a drink that I was already familiar with but I made quite a few that night and I think in the process I perfected the ratio of alcohol to mixer in order to make it just right. So for general knowledge, my drink of choice, and my specialty drink if I was ever to be a bartender would be Patron & Pineapple with a splash of Grenadine (someone call Patron, I may need a little compensation for that plug).

All things considered I think this was a great trip. It was both entertaining and educational. It’s an experience that I’m very happy I had and I’m looking forward to having again sometime in the future. There are a lot of other things that I saw and a lot more that occurred that I’d like to talk about, but as the good old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and I took over a hundred on this trip. Check out the following slide show and you’ll see some of the things that I got to see. I know it’s not the same as actually being there but at least you’ll get the idea. I hope you enjoy it.”

Magnificent Su

Havoc Nation Offers New Look For Boise Youth Ballers – Tryouts This Saturday!!!

The Treasure Valley’s newest basketball club opens its doors this Saturday.  Hosting tryouts August 18, 2012, at the Idaho Athletic Club in Eagle, Havoc Nation is already creating buzz amongst local parents and players.  Headed by former professional basketball player, Michael Quinney, coach and trainer to some of Oakland California’s top  basketball talent over the last 10 years, Havoc Nation will offer a new look for young men trying to succeed at the next level.  Bringing years of coaching success at Oakland’s Technical High School, Quinney’s defensive minded up-tempo system,  will provide something new and exciting here in Boise.  “As a coach, I have learned you have to coach to your talent, not to your system,” shared  Quinney.  “We are gonna run, defend, and hopefully create Havoc for our opponents from the gate.

Tryouts will run at the following times:

4:00PM – 9th Grade

5:30PM – 7th Grade

7:00PM – 8th Grade

Tryouts for the 5th grade boys will be held Friday August 24, 2012 at 7:30PM.  For more information or to register visit,


“There Are Giants At The Gym” – Great Article On HSB’s Own 7 Foot Bodybuilder

Received This Early This Morning. Hope You Enjoy & Big #S/O To Greg On His Amazing Journey & Transformation.

There Are Giants is oh so very proud to be introducing our monthly FITNESS section ‘There Are Giants at the Gym.’ This section of the e-mag will be posted every third week of the month and feature work out and diet tips for the GIANT who is trying to get healthy and in better shape from a GIANT who is. TAG is even more so very proud to be introducing the voice behind this monthly feature Greg Clausen; a 7’0” tall personal trainer and award winning body builder from Illinois.

Greg is a former NBA D-League basketball player, a current basketball coach for HBSCamps, a body builder in constant training, and a personal trainer to others in Dixon, IL. His journey from being an average to athletic build to the seven-feet of lean muscle mass that he is now can be found on his Facebook Page. We encourage you to LIKE him there to get additional insight and inspiration on your work out journey.

Many tall men think that they can’t have a killer body, put on muscle, or use gym equipment; I understand how they feel. I felt the same way for a long time and I found that in thinking that way I was my own worst enemy.  It is not easy to make the commitment to do the work it takes to change your physique and/or get healthy, but much easier to make excuses for yourself like “I can’t…I am too tall” or “I have no time” or “I’m too old” and so on.  If you keep telling yourself you can’t…you will be right. Fourteen months after making the decision to change my physique, I won my first bodybuilding trophy.

To start, regardless of your level, I recommend warming up first. A 5 minute warm up will get your blood flowing and help protect against injuries. I jog on the treadmill for 5 minutes before I do ANYTHING at the gym, though I do have an issue with treadmills.  Most say they support up to 300lbs, yet I have had many moving belts bind up on me even though I am only 250lbs.  If you are not careful, you can be thrown from the treadmill.  Start with a slow walk and gradually increase the speed to avoid injury.  We tall guys also seem to slouch a lot; When on the treadmill I always try to work on my posture. When you run or walk in a slouched over position, you can put unnecessary strain on your back and neck.

You’re tall; be proud of it.

Though sometimes I just can’t use the equipment. Stationary bikes don’t fit us very well, but recumbent bikes (the kind that look like you’re lying down) actually come in handy. You’re still getting in good cardio, but you’re not putting your body at risk for injury.

Often, because of standard machine sizing, I have to substitute some exercises with manual exercises. For example, leg extension and leg curl machines usually have some levers to adjust to the length of the individual, but for me, this usually is still about 2-3 inches too short. Mostly I just bite the bullet and put the leg pad on my shins with a towel between my legs and the machine for added padding. This still exercises the quad muscle pretty well, but I can’t put as much weight on as I’d like due to the pressure on the shin. This is when I really focus on proper form and fatiguing the muscle as much as possible. Other times, when the towel method becomes too much, I substitute lunges for my extensions or quad exercise.  I’ll hold dumbbells in each hand and focus on pressing up off the floor with my toes rather than my heels. This really hits the quad muscle.

As far as “fitting on gym equipment” goes… there are other options.  Yoga, calisthenics and the like can help to increase strength, flexibility and tone.  Just remember, if your physical efforts are not accompanied by a proper diet, you will wasting about 70% of your efforts.


Hit those gyms Giants. Now that you have a solid and friendly introduction to the basic beginnings and some alternatives for your work out, put those Richard Simons tapes away and run, walk, crawl, scamper, or drive yourself over to your local gym and put it into action. More advanced features on this subject will be coming down the pike in the following months for those of you who are farther along the road to fitness and health than others.

Thank you so much to Greg Clausen – The 7 Foot Body Builder and to Photography by Dave Luyando.