Prove People Wrong!

It’s Monday evening, June 20, 2011 and I’ve finally found some time to return back to the blogs. The last few days have been perhaps my busiest in a while. A thirty-hour drive, two camps in the greater Dallas area, and today our third location of the summer just north of Houston at Legend’s Sports Complex. I have to say, I heard that Texas was hot but I never imagined anything like this. It’s 100 degrees here at 10 o’clock at night.

We have already trained nearly two hundred athletes in the last eight days, and it keeps reminding me of why we do this. It’s amazing to be on the court with the kids, pushing them, and helping step their game up to new levels. Our group in Dallas improved significantly from day one, all the way through the end and it was incredible to watch.

I would say the saddest part of the HSBCAMPS journey is connecting with these great kids and then leaving just a few days later. We sweat, train, and push them for four days and just as we are getting to know everyone, it’s on to the next city. I guess it is only going to get harder and crazier as we continue to grow.

There is a common theme amongst our athletes at camp, either here in Texas, or back in the northwest. The game and sports in general have taken a mental toll on many of them. They lack the confidence and enthusiasm vital to their game because they have been told they are “no good”. During one of our first homework assignments of the year, one of our more advanced players put down a goal that really stuck out to. “Prove People Wrong!” They are words that I am living by right now and words that hopefully I am passing on to others. We all have times in our lives when people put us down and tell us we will never succeed. There will always be haters and it’s our goal to overcome that negativity and critique. Instead of letting someone kick you down, stand up and prove people wrong. Four years ago when HSBCAMPS began, I was told that we would never get kids to attend a basketball camp in a ski town. We are now one of the fastest growing programs in the nation.

I have been in the shoes of many of these kids, told that I was too small, not athletic enough, couldn’t play defense, etc, etc, etc. I used my work ethic and drive to overcome that negativity and prove people wrong. I hope that this week we are doing the same with the kids.

Why Do You Play The Game?

After returning from a two-week vacation, I am fully charged and ready for the summer to begin. Every once in a while every person deserves a break. This quick trip was a good way to clear my head, allowing me to evaluate the impact of all things in my life. Obviously basketball was a theme that arose multiple times.

I could write about the different reasons that I have continued to work within the game, whether at our current HSB camp in Houston, at Tufts, watching the NBA Finals, or any number of different basketball scenarios. My experience is unique and my love for the game has evolved over many hours of hard work leading to years of sometimes trying highs and lows.

The important question you should ask yourself during a break is why do you play the game. Look at those reasons and make sure they correctly align. Make sure the list leads to a better you, on and off the court. If your reasons conflict, work hard to adjust your outlook. This reevaluation could lead to a better experience in your playing, along with similar results in your life. Always be honest with the assessment and goal, and I promise you will learn more than you could have imagined.

Make It Happen!!!

Hello folks #reportlivefrom Forney, Texas!!! Last time I was on vacation at DisneyWorld, since then I continued to rest my body and enjoy my blessings.. However, as June 11th approached (the day I reported to HSBCAMPS), I started preparing myself mentally for camp. The night before my flight to Dallas I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. It’s always great to meet up with Carson and the crew. Before each camp we have Sunday dinner, this time we got to see the Dallas fans celebrate their first NBA finals championship against the Miami Heat!! Anyway we are in our third day of camp and even tho this is our first year here in Forney we have received nothing but positive feedback. The campers are having fun, eager to learn/get better also get terrorized by El Canguro. For example I dunked on the best kid to come to a HSBCAMPS (Shoutout to Roy, Lol) and cross a kid over, which made him fall on his back!! QUICKQUESTION: Is there an HSB camper up to the challenge of stopping Coach Thomas?? Well until next time “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” Michael Jordan

HSB Camps Headed for Boise – By Quincy Harris

Over the years, I’ve seen kids aspire to become, “the next big thing.” From movie stars to sports heroes, kids will always have dreams. So when Carson Sofro comes through with his HSB Camps, he pretty much helps those kids take one step closer to achieving those dreams.

HSB (which stands for “Hot Shots Basketball”) was founded back in 2007 with the idea of giving back to the community. A staff of knowledgeable coaches, which include former NBA players (Felipe Lopez) and local Boise State Broncos (Tasha Harris, Paul Noonan), is on the court teaching not only the basics of the game, but putting the “fun” in fundamentals. With an 8 to 1 player-to-coach ratio, HSB is steadily becoming more renowned.

Some basketball camps range from $400 to an astronomical $600 and beyond, but with HSB you can expect to pay about half that. So how is it that Carson and his team can manage to stay head to head with the other basketball camps and still be reasonably priced? “It’s not about the money. We’re here to help kids get better, to mentor and develop” says Carson. After HSB dropped their fees from last year, many parents were so impressed by how the camps were run that they submitted donations which in turn went to scholarships. Carson adds, “Our goal is to eventually run our camps for free!”

Let’s be honest, the percentage of kids playing college basketball is fairly low and the percentage of those with the talent to play in the NBA is even lower. Carson and his team doesn’t guarantee that they can get the kids playing at the next level, but there’s no denying that he will help them try.

It’s people like Carson that are truly hidden gems in our community; a man who not only has a vision, but a great heart that’s not overtaken by greed. So I say, “Kudos” to you Mr. Sofro. I’m sure the kids who attend your camp will look back and be grateful for your expertise.

The dates for the Boise camp are: June 27-30 from 9am-3:30pm at Capital High. Space is limited so make sure to register early. For more information, check out their website at

Written By Quincy Harris of the Boise Sport Network

Rockets Forward Mike Harris & HSBCAMPS Gear Up For Woodlands Youth Basketball Camp

Kids, are you looking for something to do in the Woodlands this summer? Well, look no further because people are buzzing about HSBCAMPS upcoming summer camp sessions at Legends Sports Complex. Joining forces with Houston Rockets forward Mike Harris (#33) and a cast of world-class athletes, HSBCAMPS, (America’s fastest growing youth basketball program) will dribble into the Woodlands June 20-23, 2011. The four-day camp will not only provide the highest level of basketball education to boys and girls in the elementary, middle, and high school grades (K-12th); HSBCAMPS also brings kids face-to-face with some of the best coaches and players in the game. Harris has compiled a group of elite basketball coaching talent from around the country including various members of the NBA and NBA Development League, to mentor, train, and develop all of those in attendance.

“Seeing first hand what HSBCAMPS was all about, and the time and effort they put into developing every player, I knew I wanted a bigger part,” shares Harris. “I immediately started working on plans for this Houston area camp.”

Backed by a “Quality over Quantity” mentality, HSBCAMPS comprehensive curriculum offers every participant extensive knowledge and instruction on every aspect of his or her game. Most impressive of all is an industry leading 8:1 player to coach ratio providing every athlete one-on-one individualized attention from a world-class staff of collegiate and professional players and coaches. In addition, a portion of all camp proceeds will be donated back to the community.

“Our programs are quite unique,” explains HSBCAMPS Director Carson Sofro. “We put kids face-to-face with the pros, offer one-on-one individualized training, and donate a portion of all camp proceeds back to the each of the communities we serve.” HSBCAMPS prides itself as a youth basketball program that “gives back”. With more than $50,000 raised to date, HSBCAMPS stands firm in its commitment to provide every child, regardless of age or income, with an opportunity to attend.

HSBCAMPS Welcomes Eleven New Faces To All-Star Coaching Staff Line-up

There will be some new faces in the crowd when HSBCAMPS returns to the court this upcoming summer. America’s fastest growing youth basketball program announced today that eleven new additions have been made to its All-Star coaching staff lineup. Comprised of players and coaches from the professional and collegiate ranks, these young men and women have been hand picked from dozens of applicants looking to train, mentor, and develop future generations of young basketball players.

Today is a very exciting day at HSBCAMPS,” shared Carson Sofro HSBCAMPS Director. “Our amazing staff has always been the driving force behind our success, and we are fortunate to have found some great new additions to continue that tradition.

New staffers include professional players Michael Quinney (France Pro-B), JR Harrison (Belarus Premier League), Yamar Diene (France), Bryan Lucas (Germany), Jamaal Jenkins (Mexico), and Rio Grande Valley Viper practice squad members Tyray and Perry Petty (NBADL). Collegiate players include Lauren Lenhardt and Wes Perryman of Boise State University and Cliff Ghoram of Rice University. NBA Development League Assistant Coach Jai Steadman (Rio Grande Valley) finishes the group. All coaches will become excellent additions to an already outstanding staff.

Love The Off-Season

How do you spend your weekdays? Do you begin by talking with your friends about the tournament you just played in, and finish the week by talking about the games you will win in the upcoming weekend? Do you take a couple of jump shots after school with your friends? Do you play in a couple of pick-up games throughout the week? Do you attend one practice a week where you go through quick repetitions of various skills?

Do you think you are devoting the right sort of time? Do you think you’re getting better?

Everybody loves to play games, but not everybody loves to practice. The best players love the off-season just as much as the season. They know the better off-season they have, the better chances that their season will be better. These players know that the individual work they put in will not only benefit their own game, but most importantly, their team. There are certainly benefits to playing in games, but games don’t allow you take 500 elbow jumpers in an hour, perfect your jab series, or make 25 consecutive free throws. These skills are perfected by yourself, then later utilized to help your team win.

I agree that games are way more fun then drills. In order to perform at your best, you must learn to love those hours spent alone, working on your game. There are too many players that think that playing pick-up everyday is the best way to get better. I am going to promise you that this mentality is skewed. You need both of these aspects to become a complete player.

Love to love to practice. Love to make yourself better. Love the game.

Rice University Basketball Stars Team Up With HSBCAMPS

Kids . . . Come train with the Rice University Owls at Legends Sports Complex!  HSBCAMPS, America’s fastest growing youth basketball program will kick off its inaugural summer in the Houston area, with a new location, expanded curriculum, and several local additions to its world-class coaching staff.   Today, the nationally expanding program announced that four former Rice University basketball standouts would be on staff for HSBCAMPS upcoming summer sessions at Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands (June 20-23, 2011).   Rice players will include HSBCAMP veteran and Houston Rockets Forward Mike Harris (#33), as well as newcomers JR Harrison, Cliff Ghoram, and Yamar Diene.

The HSBCAMPS Morning Clinic and Day Camp will offer boys and girls in the elementary, middle, and high school grades (K-12), the unique opportunity to train one-on-one with these former collegiate athletes as well as NBA players and other select pros. Backed by a “Quality over Quantity” mentality, HSBCAMPS comprehensive curriculum ensures that participants leave camp with extensive knowledge and instruction on every aspects of his or her game.  Most impressive of all is an industry leading 8:1 player to coach ratio providing athletes with plenty of individualized attention from all the players and coaches in attendance.

“Seeing first hand what HSBCAMPS was all about, and the time and effort they put into developing every player last year, I knew I wanted a bigger part,” shared Rockets Forward Harris, the events Co-Director.  “I can’t wait to get back on the court and work with the kids again this summer especially here at home.”

“Failure And Rejection Are Only The First Steps To Succeeding”

Hello folks, Coach Thomas aka “El Canguro” #reportinglivefrom DisneyWorld!!! I want to start by saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the beautiful mom’s out there. I’m back in the States and not in Caracas anymore. The team decided to bring in their original player to finish the last 14 games and the playoffs. This is a guy whose won two championships in the last three years for them. Nothing sad about the situation, as management has already confirmed that I’ll be coming back in the beginning of 2012. Being my first year in the league things went very well, even earning myself a new nickname “El Canguro”. We had a record of 23-7 and were #1 overall in the league when I left. The fans were great and showed much love on Facebook the day of my departure. A big shout-out to the Cocodrilos family/fans!! The other good news about this situation is that it was unclear if I was going to be able to attend any HSBCamps sessions this year with my schedule. I am happy to announce I’ll be able to rest my body, and get ready physically & mentally once again to participate in the Best Basketball Camps in the United States. Hope you liked my short update but now it’s time for me to get back to my vacation. Heading to “Universal” in my little kid outside voice lol. I can’t wait till next month when the first 2011 camps start. Until then I will leave you with this “Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first steps to succeeding”.– Jimmy Valvano #LEGGOOOOOO COCODRILOS 2011CHAMPIONS!!!