A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Being a college hooper is a lot of hard work; in the classroom and on the court. It takes someone who is willing to learn and be committed to working hard for yourself, your teammates, and your coaches.

Academics: In order to be eligible to compete in competition you must keep a certain GPA. Just like in high school, if you drop below that required GPA you will be ineligible. Being ineligible is selfish. It is selfish in that you are letting your teammates down by not taking care of business in the classroom to be able to help reach goals on the court. Your teammates rely on you to be there for them; just as they hold you accountable, you must do your part and hold yourself accountable.

Basketball: After you have your academics squared away, it is off to hard work and dedication on the court. It doesn’t start on the court during season though. It starts in the off season spending hours working on your shot, running early morning stadium stairs, and hitting the weight room hard. It starts with blood, sweat, and tears that remind you later that it was all worth it. Along with hard work, being a college hooper is a lot of fun. It will be the best time of your life.

If you work hard enough both in the classroom and on the court and get the chance to play college basketball, be proud of yourself and never stop getting better. I am in the last semester and last season of my college career and I couldn’t ask for a better experience in life. If I could do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. Embrace being a part of something bigger than yourself, it’s a beautiful thing.

“Basketball Doesn’t Build Character, It Reveals It”

Hello folks #reportinglivefrom San Juan. As the tournament came to an end we found out we have a good team, we just couldn’t finish a game which is why we finished 1-2. We won our last game because we played a complete game. Individually I showed I can score easily and play defense so it’s official, Tayron Thomas is back on the radar. Well I’m very tired and I still have to pack my bag before we head to the airport. Before I sign off I would like to give a shout out to all the early registrants for the upcoming HSBCAMPS sessions this summer. “Basketball doesn’t build character it reveals it.”

” . . . One Man Cannot Make a Team”

#reportinglivefrom Arecibo, Puerto Rico!! Woke up this morning feeling good because not only is it game day, but I’m going to get a good breakfast. When I went to team breakfast, I was so disappointed with what they were serving, that I didn’t attend the lunch after our morning shoot around. Me and my teammate Carl Elliot decided to go to the Fridays (Viernes) across the street from the hotel but we quickly found out that it’s not the TGIF we are used to (see picture above). As you can see today wasn’t looking good but it’s game day so it can change. As we tip off against the host of the tournament we get off to a great start winning all 3 quarter and go into the fourth winning by 10. At the 6 min mark the opposing team made an adjustment by jumping into a 2-3 zone which gave us trouble and we ended up losing the game. My performance was ok. Although I was the leading scorer on the team with 20 points in 3 quarters, I spent too much time trying to fit into a new system as the new guy on a championship team. I think if I had played in my normal “get buckets” mode I would have had over 30 and we would have won. Well that game is in the past and the positive thing is we can only get better as a team and individuals the next two games. “One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team but one man cannot make a team”– Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Be Proactive: You Are Your Own Best Advocate

It’s that time of year, where some seniors in high school are scrambling to finish applications to college and are formulating dreams of what their next four years might entail.  As a student-athlete with dreams of competing at the college level, there are many more considerations that add to the mix.  How can you avoid this level of stress and set yourself up with multiple options that will fulfill everything you’re looking for?  If you’re a senior right now, you are up against the clock.  If you are in any other grade, there are things you can be doing right now to avoid the time crunch.

BE PROACTIVE.  First and foremost, you are your own best advocate.  A piece of advice I give to all student-athletes is to create a resume listing all of your credentials.  What sort of basketball player are you?  What sort of student are you?  What present endeavors interest you beyond your four years of college?

After you create this personal resume, do some research!  With thousands of colleges out there, you need to create a thorough list.  You must seek out these institutions and display why their school fits your aspirations and how you would augment their basketball program and community.

The best ways to show off these attributes will be addressed in next week’s addition.  If you have any thoughts, don’t be shy, be proactive and ask away!  Feel free to send over a resume and I will be happy to look it over.

“Basketball is like photography, . . .”

Hello folks #reportinglivefrom Caracas!!! I woke up this morning excited because we leave for our preseason tournament in Puerto Rico. After packing my bag I had the team barber come give me a fresh haircut.  My motto for that is “look good play good”, lol. The team provided us with these ugly blazers to wear to the airport.  When everyone got downstairs to get on the team bus, there was a lot of jokes and pictures. As we arrived at the airport and prepared to get on the plane there were tons of pictures taken, autograph signings, and many conversations.  I got a taste of the rock star life. The plane ride was relaxing and short. It felt good to be on U.S. soil for about 30 minutes until I payed $15 for some Subway at the San Juan Airport. Just got my room key and it’s time to get some rest. “Basketball is like photography, if you don’t focus, all you get is the negative.”– Dan Frisby

Failures Always Open A Door To Success

Hello people!  I’m #reportinglivefrom Caracas, Venezuela…. Just completed my first week of training which was great because I was well prepared. Here is an itinerary of the past week: Two a days everyday and conditioning at night; A lot of team bonding which is easy because we all in the same apartment building owned by the team; and Media Day for our Preseason Tournament in Puerto Rico.

Outside of basketball life it’s great because the city loves the team and organization. It also helps this team won two championships in the last three years. It’s funny, because during practice the team got measured for their ring sizes so since I’m the only new guy first game of the season I will have my #stuckonstupidRonArtestface on but I will be getting my ring this year.  I never have a need for anything which means Im going to rock out this season so I can keep coming back to this great situation every year. Well Im tired, got another two a day tomorrow.  Next Post will be about our trip to Puerto Rico for the preseason tournament which we will be out there playing from the 17th to 21st of this month and I will include videos.  Until then I will leave you with this, “Remember whenever you put effort into something you open the door for failure, but failures always open a door to success!!!

SIDE NOTE: Name of team is Cocodrilos de Caracas and the team website is cocodrilos.com.ve

Recruiting Fundamentals – Questions Every Player Should Ask Themselves

The world of recruiting is a wild, confusing place filled with thousands of colleges requiring combinations of varying characteristics. A fraction of the many qualities are ability, position, specialty, basketball IQ, fit to a program, academic excellence, motor, coachability, and the murky waters marked up to “intangibles”. The recruited athlete has a group of questions they need to answer, before embarking on the journey to find the best home at the college level.

At what level do I want to play? At what level can I play?
(These two questions need to be answered truthfully, with the latter question of more importance.)

What kind of school will fulfill both my athletic ability, academic interests, and future desires?
(Sadly, the world of playing basketball will eventually end one day, and in the words of financial consultants, you must plan for your future.)

How do I showcase my strengths in the proper settings and ways that will facilitate the path to these schools?

Without Struggle There Is No Progress.

Hello folks #reportinglive from Philadelphia. Since this is my first entry I will take the time to give a brief description of myself. I’m from Philadelphia and went to college at NCAA Division-II Philadelphia University. While there I accomplished many things but most importantly I earned my degree in Business Management. I was three time All-American, 2006 National Player of the Year and the All-Time Leading scorer with 2,414 points. Earned myself a workout with the Lakers & Sixers but that didn’t work out so I took my talent overseas. I’ve played in Portugal, Poland (for 2 years), Germany, and the Dominican Republic. I’m currently training for a contract in Venezuela leaving on January 6th. I hope you continue to follow my journey as I head to South America. Until then, enjoy the New Year and I will end with a quote of the day. “Without struggle there is no progress.”

Be The Best!

Women’s basketball has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1892. It may be surprising to know that women began playing only just one year after the invention of the sport. Even though women’s basketball is rich in tradition, there still remains a gap between the men’s and women’s game. Though historic events, like UCONN’s 89 game winning streak have brought the women’s game closer than ever, it is up to the future generations of players to continue to make their mark on and off the court.

Girls can begin to close the gap by seeking out the best competition possible. In order to be the best you have to play against the best. Although boys are generally bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic, they can be the best competition for young female hoopers looking to play at the next level. This experience allows girls to practice and perfect their skills making them more prepared and confident in the women’s game.

Play against boys as often as possible. Play on co-ed teams, get boys to practice against your team, or even work individually with them. If you can’t find boys, find men. Older players will be more mature, have more experience, and obtain more knowledge of the game, which will help develop your own understanding of the sport.

From one player to another: When you find yourself in these situations, learn as much as you can and play as hard as possible. Initially these practice sessions may be frustrating and discouraging, but if you can stick with it and work through the hard times, your game will improve dramatically. Remember, to be the best, you have to play against the best. What are you doing to get better?