Standing 6’3, Emmett senior guard Tobin Gordon has worked his way into a position of stature amongst the Treasure Valley’s high school basketball elite. A decorated player, dedicated student athlete, and all around great young man, Gordon joined HSB Academy last fall, hoping to fulfill his dream of playing at the next level. Just months later, he is taking the final steps in making that dream a reality. We got a chance to catch up with Tobin and ask him what his experience has been like training at HSB Academy and working one-on-one with the pros.

Tobin, you’ve been involved with quite a few of the programs here in the Valley. How did you end up with HSB?

Last fall, I was looking for a trainer to help me take my game to the next level. By some coincidence, my dad happened to see HSBCAMPS trailer parked over by the military reserve dog park and stopped to inquire. He figured the tall guy dressed in HSB gear (Carson) had to be someone important so the two engaged in conversation and a connection was made. I had my first session shortly after and have been working out with them ever since.

Has it been a positive experience so far?

Yes! It’s been extremely beneficial and great overall. Mike and Carson have really showed me how hard I can push myself and I’ve seen some substantial results.

What would you say are the three most important things you have learned and how have they impacted your game?

First, working hard every opportunity I have a chance to improve my game. Second, to be truly successful requires solid skill and mental toughness. And last but not least, you always have to have an aggressive mindset every time you step on the floor.

What would you say differentiates HSB from the other programs you have been to?

They don’t sugar coat anything. They tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it, and push you to tackle your weaknesses head on. I think this is a tremendous tool for young basketball players, because everyone needs honest critics.

Would you recommend the Academy to friends or teammates?

Definitely! I would and I already have.

Some fun facts about Tobin:

Can you dunk?

I can! (I don’t know about this one lol)

What is your favorite food?

Pretty much anything or Italian.

Any basketball awards or accolades of interest?

2010-11 4A S.I.C. 2nd Team All-Conference
2011-12 4A S.I.C. 1st Team All-Conference
Double Pump West Coast All-Star Camp All-Senior Team Selection

Highest scoring game?


Favorite player?

Toss up between Lebron & Kevin Durant.

If you could go to school anywhere to play ball, where would you go?