Hoops 4 Kids Idaho

About Hoops 4 Kids

Hoops 4 Kids Idaho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving Idaho by developing, empowering, and encouraging individuals through sports. Utilizing athletics as a vehicle to promote self-esteem, teamwork, and compassion for others, H4KI’s mission is to provide participants of all ages, incomes, and physical abilities a gateway to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential. We believe that through a positive sports environment, we can help identify and minimize the onset of bullying, childhood obesity, substance abuse, and many other problems plaguing communities throughout the state.


Sportsplex Idaho

Understanding that it will take a physical asset to turn our mission into a reality, H4KI has launched a landmark campaign to construct and operate Sportsplex Idaho, the Treasure Valley’s first multi-tiered training and competition venue.  Planning is ongoing – stay tuned for updates.


Get In The Game

Please become a part of our inaugural $1,000 from 1,000 giving campaign!  For more information contact info@sportsplexidaho.com.