Mark your weekly calendars – as of June 2nd, the HSB365 team is excited to report that every Tuesday from here on out we will be uploading new content to the site. Offering year round access to training videos, workouts sheets, a live blog, and much more, HSB365 is the perfect outlet for players looking to improve their game this off-season. Currently in “Invite Only Mode”, if you have not received an invitation to join please email us at for instant access.

As always feedback on the videos and functionality is greatly appreciated as we continue to develop and implement the various features of the site. An official live launch is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned!

What is HSB365?
Nearly two and a half years in the making, HSB365 is a next-level web & mobile application designed by serious basketball players, for serious basketball players. The latest creation from HSBCAMPS (America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative), HSB365 gives players of all ages, incomes, and physical abilities instant access to the most comprehensive basketball training environment ever produced online.