Thank you to all that have logged onto the site already and helped identify potential glitches and bugs within the platform.  These are very common Beta issues, so your feedback and participation is greatly appreciated.

A couple notes on known issues:

iPad Issue – Has Been Resolved

For those having expressed difficulty in viewing the video on their iPad, you will need to be sure you have updated your device’s IOS to the latest version (i.e. IOS 8.0.2)

There were several bug fixes Apple put out in this latest update, and without it you will likely continue to experience issues with the videos.

You can ensure this update is completed by navigating to Settings-> Software Update, and your device will search for and come back with the update if you don’t already have it.

Browser Issues

Many of the early known issues are related to the various browsers individuals are using.

A quick and easy way to identify if the issues you are experiencing are browser related would be to send us that device/os/browser/version information.  You can do this by going to  Once on the site, near the middle of the page you will see an “Email this information” form.  Please complete the form with your name and email address in the “Your Name:” and “Your Email” fields, and put my email in the “Their email:” field.

This will provide us with a tremendous amount of useful information to fix these related issues, so again your participation here is greatly appreciated.

Any other issues you are experiencing, the more feedback, information, screenshots, or browser information you can provide the better.  Many of you have invitations to join HSB365 waiting in your inbox so please keep an eye out for those.  For those that have not received an invitation and would like one, please email  Thank you again!

-HSB365 Team-