A solid athlete, defensive stopper, and unselfish play maker are just a few of the words that one could use to describe Kuna High School senior guard James Simmons. A 6’2 shooting guard with collegiate aspirations, Simmons is perhaps one of the most intriguing and determined young athletes we have ever met. Tremendous potential, a rapidly developing jump shot, and a quick first step have placed this decorated Senior just a stones throw away from achieving a life long dream of playing at the next level. We have had the pleasure of training James on and off throughout the last several months, and got a chance to catch up with him recently about his passion for the game, thoughts on HSB Academy, and our journey we began together last fall.

James, you have been involved with quite a few programs here in the Treasure Valley. How did you come to be involved with HSB?
My journey to HSB was kind of unexpected. I was playing with my teammates at an open gym at school one night and was approached by Academy Director Carson Sofro, who said he was impressed by my game and wanted to know if I’d come in for a workout. Although I knew nothing about HSB or Carson at the time, the experience has been amazing, not only pushing me to my limits but showing me that I can exceed them.

You obviously think very highly of the Academy. What three things do you think you have learned most over the last several months?
Mental toughness, better ball handling, and more confidence not only in myself but my game. Carson and Mike really get you outside of your comfort zone and push you to your limits which has really paid off.

What would you say is different about HSB Academy from the other local groups you have played with?
HSB significantly differs from these other programs in their focus to improve every and all aspects of your game and making sure you have the tools you need to excel at the next level. They don’t tell you what you can’t do but rather prove daily that you can do all kinds of things you didn’t think were possible.

Would you recommend the program to others looking to improve their game?
Absolutely! I actually brought one of my teammates Scott Hukill who ended up joining the program.

Here are some fun facts about James:

Can you dunk?
Lol! Most of the time. On good days I can get it pretty clean.

What is your favorite food?

Any Awards or Accolades?
S.I.C All-Star Team selection, two-year Letterman in football and basketball, four-year S.I.C. All-Academic selection.

Highest scoring game?
16 against Bishop Kelly

Favorite Athletes?
JR Smith & Kevin Durant

If you could play for any school in college where would you go?
University of Texas At Austin