At It Again – Harris Leads Sichuan Back On Top!

What a difference a year makes.  Back-to-back losing seasons, a failed Meta World Peace experiment, and finishing with one of the CBA’s worst records in 2015 (8-40), the Sichuan Blue Whales were in need of a major overhaul.  Passing on a handful of big NBA names, team President Zhou Shining knew they weren’t in need of a “game changer” . . . they needed a “franchise changer”.

Shifting his focus from the US to Puerto Rico, Shining set his sights on a familiar face, taking a play from two-time BSN Champion Nelson Colon’s playbook, by signing a proven winner and two-time MVP.  Arguably the most dominant force the National Superior Basketball League (Puerto Rico) has ever seen, Sichuan didn’t just sign a champion, they found a leader who regularly sacrifices personal gain for team success.

The “franchise changer” they were looking for, journeyman Mike Harris arrived in the Wending District of Southwest, China poised and ready to bring the Whales the CBA Championship they’d been longing for.  A 6’7 forward who just a year earlier transformed a Qingdao Eagle’s squad (CBA) from league worst (5-29) to league best (28-10) and a first ever trip to the post-season tournament, teammates and coaches alike couldn’t wait to get started.


Providing Shining much more than he bargained for, the decorated American hasn’t just turned things around for the club but is personally playing the best basketball of his career.  Like a fine wine ever better with age, the 32-year-old has improved in virtually every statistical category there is.

Leading Sichuan back on top, and boasting one of the leagues best records (30-8), the second ranked Whales have taken an impressive 2-0 lead over Guangsha L. in the first round of the playoffs.  Averaging nearly a triple double on the series putting up 33.5 points, 13 rebounds, and 6 assists per contest, Harris appears as determined as ever to capture his third overall league championship in the last 4 years.

Back in action Friday night, stay tuned for more as the legend continues.



Setting Goals Can Change Everything . . . Just Ask Isaiah!

Setting goals can change everything – Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics showed a group of lucky Mercer Island campers last summer exactly why.

Blessed by his presence, the 5’9″ Tacoma, Washington native literally got off a plane from China and came to camp ready to share with the kids the importance of working hard, believing in yourself, and not listening to others.  I can say firsthand, Thomas’s never quit attitude and unwavering will to overcome the seemingly impossible were an inspiration to all.

Inspired myself, I took full advantage of the Q&A time following his talk.  I frequently speak at great length with the kids about the importance of setting goals, so I asked Isaiah if he was a goal planner and if so, if he could elaborate on any goals that he had for the upcoming season.  Without hesitation he replied, “Yes . . . I am going to be a 2016 Eastern Conference All-Star.”

Obviously a big announcement, I asked if this was new or something he had been planning for a while.  “This is the first time I have told anyone publicly,” he shared.  Shocked by the breaking news, I took to Instagram to mark the occasion informing both Isaiah, Justin Holiday, and all the campers in attendance that when, not if,  he became a 2016 NBA All-Star, I would remind him of this moment by forwarding the post with the hashtag “#truth”.  As we know now, the rest was history.


Seeing one of the best in the world sharing his own goals and their importance with the kids and then going out and accomplishing them was surreal.  As I watched him play in his first All-Star game Sunday (hopefully the first of many), I couldn’t help but think back to July and what he said.  He set a goal, he made a plan, and with all of us as witnesses he followed through.

Knowing there is significant evidence that suggests we are more likely to accomplish the goals we write down, I ask again, why are our players so reluctant to do the same?  Hmm . . .

Special congrats to @isaiahthomas and best of luck with the rest of your season.

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Live From Bolivia – Coach Tyray Checks In!

HSB Campers – this is Coach Tyray reporting live from Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Yep I’m in south American where my team just finished the regular season undefeated at 10-0, making league history as the first squad to every do so.  We are currently in the playoffs playing against a former team of mine.  Atmosphere has been crazy.  We have a chance to close it out tonight and reach the semi-finals. It’s been an amazing season . . . being considered for MVP after averaging 23.5 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists per game.  I’ll keep you all posted – trying to add another pro championship (my second) to the list of HSB family accomplishments.  Stay tuned!

Live From Colombia – Coach B Checks In!

What’s going on kids. This is Coach B from HSBCAMPS reporting live from Bogata, Colombia. Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update from down here. This is my first time playing in South America or a league outside of Europe and there is a big difference. I thought I was going to faint the first couple of games and practices due to the altitude. The air is very thin which got me winded within 5 minutes, lol. I’ve settled in and adjusted to the climate and have been playing well. As of now I’m averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, and my team is currently in the 2nd round of playoffs. If we win two more games we will be playing in the finals. Been thinking a lot about you guys and all the fun we had this summer. I want to encourage y’all to keep working and remember practice and dedication are the key. Make sure you listen to Carson and Mike and the rest of the staff. They know what they are talking about. Until next time – stay blessed! Coach B

Live Report – Coach Sulei Checks In!

Hope everyone had a great summer. This week in the U.S. is back to school week. Great to see pics of all the kids, and the adults too.

Below you can watch (comment and critique as well) my new highlight tape.  This is my seventh installment in the series.  For the people that have been following me for a while now, I hope these highlights do a good job of highlighting (see what I did there haha) the strengths in my game and some of the improvements I’ve been striving to achieve.

The highlights are from this past season in New Zealand.  This year I played for the IMS Payroll Hawks of Hawkes Bay.  Before I continue, I would like to send a big shout out to my friends and adopted family in Taranaki.  It was really unfortunate how things played out and I wasn’t able to return to Taranaki.  I would have loved to be back but things didn’t work out.  However, when I arrived there to play against the Mountain Airs I was welcomed with open arms and that good old Taranaki hospitality and I enjoyed being in New Plymouth.

It was a tough season to say the least, not to mention some personal hurdles I had to overcome as well.  All in all, it was another successful season in my mind, I got better, I grew, I made new friends, I experienced new things (and a different region of New Zealand), I learned some more about myself and my game, and of course as noted in my previous blog post I got to play against one of my best friends a couple of times.

I was also blessed to come home with a few awards. All-New Zealand NBL Center of The Year – 2015 All-New Zealand NBL 2nd Team – 2015 New Zealand NBL All-Imports Team – 2015

Now to the video. Watch and enjoy. Please don’t forget to critique as well.

Thank you!

Coach Sulei

Next Stop Puerto Rico – HSB & Mike Harris To Host 4 Day Camp!

Ponce . . . are you ready? BSN Legend Mike Harris and HSBCAMPS, America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative have teamed up with the Campo Atlético Charles H. Terry to bring kids of all ages and abilities face-to-face with the pros. HSBCAMPS Ponce Day Camp and Morning Clinic will offer boys and girls in elementary, middle, and high school grades (2nd-12th), a chance to train one-on-one with MVP Mike Harris and other actual pros. “Elevate Your Game” with a comprehensive curriculum of fundamental player development drills, station work, organized team competitions, contests, and guest lectures. Every participant will receive extensive knowledge and instruction on every aspect of the game, including intense one-on-one individualized training from our world-class staff of professional players and coaches. Also included; free camp T-shirt, VIP Shoe & Apparel Deal from Eastbay, and a variety of other giveaways provided by our sponsors. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to come train with the pros!

Availability is limited. To register, download the flyer by Clicking Here – Mike Harris Basketball Camp Flyer.

Pay It Forward – Thomas Takes A Moment To Give Back!

With a basketball resume that expands around the globe, and a growing list of accolades most players could only dream, HSB Coach Tayron Thomas always seems to be finding ways to raise the bar.  Never passing on an opportunity to inspire others, excited fans took to Facebook and Instagram Tuesday, as the 31-year-old veteran returned to San Martin (where his Dominican career started) to share some words of wisdom with the Escuela de Baloncesto David Diaz.

“Giving back to the community that showed me love the past 6 years thru the good and the bad!!! ‪#‎BLESSED‬ ‪#‎ILOVEPASSINGKNOWLEDGETOTHEKIDS‬,” he shared.

In The News – Felipe Lopez Receives UN Philanthropy Award!

There are few with a bigger heart for helping others than NBA veteran Felipe Lopez – so much so that last week the United Nations recognized the forty-year-old Dominican native for all his hard work.  Here is what he had to say:

“Words cannot described how grateful im to have received a #philanthropy award @TheUnitedNations @unitednation. Thanks to #UNCSF founder & President of American-China Sports Association #AmyZhou my brothers @dreyes34 #jermainegrant. The lovely host of evening @hot97 #streetsoldier @fox5ny @lisaeverslive. Congrats to the others recipients my #Dominican Hermanos @ifbbvictormartinez @nfl @tutanreyes @nba @AnthonyAvent00.”

Live From Bolivia – Coach Tyray Checks In!

Hello friends and campers – just shooting you guys a quick update from down in South America.  I started off this last season playing in the top league in Colombia.  Unfortunately facing some minor injuries and a tough losing streak they deciding to send me home and go in another direction.  It’s never fun to be released but I believe everything happens for a reason.

When I arrived back in the states things turned and they turned quickly.  My beautiful daughter was born in good health and within a week I was offered a job in Bolivia (San Simon) playing in the top league with an opportunity to compete for a title.   We currently sit 7-0 heading into tonights matchup with the second ranked team from Santa Cruz.  It’s certainly going to be a big test.

I’m playing well averaging 21.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.  I’ve been carrying the HSB banner down here helping and training kids with some of the drills from camps and the Academy.  They may speak a different language but when it comes to hard work, sacrificing, and believing in yourself that message seems to be universal.  It’s cool to know I’m not only excelling on the court myself but getting the opportunity to help some future Bolivian stars with their game.

Ok gotta go but I’ll keep you guys updated and hope to see you late this summer with some fancy hardware and more great stories to share.  Keep working hard and stay tuned!

In The News – Petty Earns First Team Honors!

The ballots are in – as reported by May 23rd, there’s a familiar face toping the 2015 Lebanese Basketball charts.  Moutahed Point Guard Perry Petty (Milwaukee, WI) received two awards, earning  spots on the All-League and All-Import First Teams.  Scoring nearly 22 points and dishing out more than 7 assists per game, the American was ranked amongst the leagues best in nearly every major statistical category.  Now playing in Qatar, stay tuned for a more detailed follow up next week.