What’s going on kids. This is Coach B from HSBCAMPS reporting live from Bogata, Colombia. Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update from down here. This is my first time playing in South America or a league outside of Europe and there is a big difference. I thought I was going to faint the first couple of games and practices due to the altitude. The air is very thin which got me winded within 5 minutes, lol. I’ve settled in and adjusted to the climate and have been playing well. As of now I’m averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, and my team is currently in the 2nd round of playoffs. If we win two more games we will be playing in the finals. Been thinking a lot about you guys and all the fun we had this summer. I want to encourage y’all to keep working and remember practice and dedication are the key. Make sure you listen to Carson and Mike and the rest of the staff. They know what they are talking about. Until next time – stay blessed! Coach B