If you’ve ever met North Forney’s Roy Neugent, you will quickly learn two things about him. He can jump really high and may just be the fastest person you have ever seen. All kidding aside, our coaching staff still recollects about Roy at camp last year casually jogging down the floor as the rest of the camp frantically tried to maintain pursuit with every ounce of speed they had. One went as far as to say, “it was like watching a bunch of turtles chase a cheetah.” Although quiet in nature and never outspoken, the recent “Greater Dallas Power Player of the Week” nominee has not only captured our attention here at HSB, but that of scouts and rival coaches around the great state of Texas. Roy recently took a few minutes out of his schedule to sit down and share his thoughts on HSB, its coaches, and his experience at last summers camp.

Last year was HSB’s first in Texas. How did you get involved with the program?

My step-dad found the camp and decided to sign me up.  I love the game of basketball so we both felt it would help with improving my game.

How would you rate your experience?

It was great!  I was pushed everyday and absolutely loved the coaching staff.

What three things do you think you have taken from the program that have impacted you the most?

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. always work hard, and don’t ever give up.

In your opinion, what would you say is different about HSB?

It was the first camp I’ve ever been to so I really don’t have much to compare it to.  I can say however, that all the drills and stations really helped me a lot, so much so I still work on many of them today.

Would you recommend HSB to a friend?

Yup . . . sure would!

A Few Fun Facts You May Not Know About Roy:
You can dunk right?

LOL!  First dunk was at age 15.

Being that your the fastest athlete we’ve ever had, what’s your 40 time?

40 time!?  I haven’t tested that since 8th grade.

If not your 40, you’ve gotta know your vertical?

Last I checked it was 34″.  I can reach 10’10 (WOW!)

What’s the most you’ve ever scored in a game?


Who’s your favorite athlete?

I’ve got two, my cousin Frankie Solomon and the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant.

If you could play collegiate ball anywhere, which school would you choose?

Duke would be #1 if I was good enough, or maybe Baylor (Sick New Uniforms)

Any awards or achievements of note?

I was named Most Improved player by my coaches, and was known as the best shooter on the team with the most hops.  I also won best athlete of the year for 2010-2011.