Train With Basketball Pros In Pocatello!

HSB & The MEC Team Up For Summer Basketball Camp

For most young men and women, meeting a professional basketball player would be the opportunity of a lifetime.  How about getting to train with one?  Just out, HSBCAMPS, America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative and the MEC in Pocatello, have officially announced their partnership to bring young players of all ages and abilities face-to-face with the pros.

The HSBCAMPS Morning Clinic and Day Camp are geared towards teaching and developing the fundamentals of basketball for boys and girls in elementary, middle and high school grades. The Morning Clinic is open to youth in grades K through two. The Day Camp is open to youth in grades three through 12. From team competitions to individual contests, players will participate in fun instructional work, under the direction of the HSBCAMPS staff, comprised of collegiate and professional coaches and players.

“This will be our first trip to Pocatello and we could not be happier to have found a partner in the MEC,” explains Carson Sofro, HSBCAMPS Founder.  “We have had a lot of participants from Eastern Idaho attend our camps over the years, and are very excited to be able to provide them something closer to home.”  HSBCAMPS prides itself as a youth basketball program that “gives back”, donating a portion of every programs proceeds to schools and non-profits within each of the communities they serve.  With more than $400,000 raised to date, HSBCAMPS stands firm in its commitment to provide every child, regardless of age or income, with an opportunity to attend.

“Idaho is where this program began in 2007, and it is where I grew up,” shared Sofro.  “Giving these kids the opportunity to train one-on-one with actual pro’s from all over the country and around the world is what this program is all about and we look forward to doing this year after year.”  In addition to Pocatello, the globally expanding youth basketball camp will also be serving up high scoring experiences throughout Idaho, Washington, Utah, Oregon, and Puerto Rico.  To register for one of HSBCAMPS youth basketball programs or for more information, visit


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