Great video and excerpt from Kick Genius film that we try to instill in our kids everyday.  You need to watch this and challenge yourself to “FAIL HARDER!”

“I’ve never seen somebody so afraid to fail.  I’ve never seen a society . . .  so afraid to fail.  Pride and ego have taken the forefront of athletes work ethic pushing back the vulnerable mentality of what it takes to improve ones game.  We obsess over perfection while forgetting the process of imperfection it takes to get there.  Show me a player who is shooting 100% in practice, and I will show you a player who is not taking game shots.  Show me a player who doesn’t lose the ball, and I’ll show you a player who isn’t going hard enough.  Show me a player who doesn’t make mistakes and I will show you a player who is not getting better.  It’s funny because the other day a player came up to me and said, “hey Trey . . . how many free throws did you miss? I said, “fourteen . . . how about you?”  He said with a smirk on his face,”ZERO”.  I said, “well . . . how many did you shoot?”  He said, “fifteen!”  I said, “I shot 100 . . . FAIL HARDER!”   I challenge every hooper who steps on that court . . . FAIL HARDER . . .”