It’s Monday evening, June 20, 2011 and I’ve finally found some time to return back to the blogs. The last few days have been perhaps my busiest in a while. A thirty-hour drive, two camps in the greater Dallas area, and today our third location of the summer just north of Houston at Legend’s Sports Complex. I have to say, I heard that Texas was hot but I never imagined anything like this. It’s 100 degrees here at 10 o’clock at night.

We have already trained nearly two hundred athletes in the last eight days, and it keeps reminding me of why we do this. It’s amazing to be on the court with the kids, pushing them, and helping step their game up to new levels. Our group in Dallas improved significantly from day one, all the way through the end and it was incredible to watch.

I would say the saddest part of the HSBCAMPS journey is connecting with these great kids and then leaving just a few days later. We sweat, train, and push them for four days and just as we are getting to know everyone, it’s on to the next city. I guess it is only going to get harder and crazier as we continue to grow.

There is a common theme amongst our athletes at camp, either here in Texas, or back in the northwest. The game and sports in general have taken a mental toll on many of them. They lack the confidence and enthusiasm vital to their game because they have been told they are “no good”. During one of our first homework assignments of the year, one of our more advanced players put down a goal that really stuck out to. “Prove People Wrong!” They are words that I am living by right now and words that hopefully I am passing on to others. We all have times in our lives when people put us down and tell us we will never succeed. There will always be haters and it’s our goal to overcome that negativity and critique. Instead of letting someone kick you down, stand up and prove people wrong. Four years ago when HSBCAMPS began, I was told that we would never get kids to attend a basketball camp in a ski town. We are now one of the fastest growing programs in the nation.

I have been in the shoes of many of these kids, told that I was too small, not athletic enough, couldn’t play defense, etc, etc, etc. I used my work ethic and drive to overcome that negativity and prove people wrong. I hope that this week we are doing the same with the kids.