This last summer I knew I had work to do. I’ve always found myself training to be the best high school player I could possibly be, but becoming a collegiate athlete would bring many new challenges and expectations.  Fortunately for me, I was presented the opportunity of a lifetime, and was offered an internship with HSBCAMPS on their national summer camp tour.

Spending eight weeks away from home definitely had me on edge a bit.  After the first few days, I quickly realized how different this was going to be from the usual summer activities I have become accustomed to.  However, spending two months being mentored, trained, and developed by professional athletes from around the world was something I certainly couldn’t turn down.  I would never forgive myself for something like that.

From day one I found myself training one-on-one with the pros, working out with, playing against, and guarding some pretty incredible athletes.  What stood out to me most, was the universality of the drills I have spent much of the last year perfecting in HSB’s Academy in Boise.  Although simple in nature, they perfect and replicate things that even the pros do on a daily basis.  The level of play and the speed at which they work are a little more advanced than what I was used to, but just to see athletes of that caliber doing the same drills that I have been doing really opened my eyes. It showed me what it takes to truly get to that next level and now I am more confident and ready than ever before.

With summer coming to an end and my departure for school just a week away, I am extremely satisfied with the improvements I’ve made in my game these last few months.  I  am also very grateful for the experience I was able to have this summer. Not too many 18 year olds can say they spent two months training and hanging out with professional basketball players.  So, thank you to Carson and everyone else at HSB for the impact you’ve had on me as a person and on my game. I will take the HSB mindset I learned here in Boise, to Oregon and put it to work as I enter my freshman year. I am as prepared as I ever could be and I look forward to my first season of college basketball.  Thanks again!

Tobin Gordon