As we move full-swing into the off-season training months, I though I would re-post an older but very relevant blog entry I wrote for all of our aspiring young ball players out there.  Are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals this off-season?  Enjoy!

“A constant theme that we talk about every year at camp, is that of time.  We have many young players in our program in pursuit of their dream, wishing to play at the next level and beyond.  Time is of the essence as school work, practice, and a social life take up a considerable chunk of a young persons day.  However, it is how we use the limited time that we have, that separates those who succeed from those who don’t.

There are hundreds of thousands of young people around the world at this very moment, working hard and putting in the hours.  They are practicing before, during, and after school, taking advantage of every moment they have to get better.  Unfortunately for many of us, this is a concept we do not yet understand.

To achieve greatness, requires greatness.  Kobe, Lebron, D Wade, and all of the premier players of today still spend countless hours perfecting what already seems perfect.  They recognize that there are no rollover minutes in the game of life.  Time wasted, is time lost.

The concept of time is one I struggle with daily myself.  I have an obligation to my family, my friends, HSBCAMPS, and all the kids that we have yet to meet and impact.  I have a lot to manage on a daily basis, therefor it is imperative for me to take advantage of every second I have and never waste the precious moments that have been given to me.  Nobody has the ability to carry time from one day to the next.  If your dream is to play at the next level, to be a teacher, a doctor, or whatever your heart desires, make sure you are taking advantage of every waking moment you have.    Life is too short to live with regret.

Are you doing everything you can to take advantage of the time you’ve been given?”