From The Vault – The Ugly Truth!

Written By HSBCAMPS Director Carson Sofro On February 7, 2011

I had a conversation with a colleague late last week about the concept of “Guaranteed” results. This has always been hard for me to understand. How can you “Guarantee” results in sports?

Although foreign to me, it is something that is promised all over the country.  Parents are willing to spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to get their children to that next level. They will hire the best of the best, in hopes that the best will ensure greatness.

Many professionals who offer services such as these, “Guarantee” results. “I guarantee I can make your son or daughter play at the next level.” Bold statement if you ask me, considering there are so many factors that go in to who makes it and who doesn’t.

In my humble opinion – here are four factors that play into the equation.

You Cannot Teach Athleticism – Athleticism is a gift you are born with or without. You can build strength, you can improve quickness, you can even increase your vertical leap, however the ability to jump 40 plus inches in the air is something that you cannot teach.  A scout once told me there are three ways to make it to the NBA.  You are a phenomenally well rounded player, do one or two things extremely well, or are just a freak athlete. You can’t teach the freak.

The Biggest Influence in the Game is Between Your Ears – Mental toughness is a very hard concept to teach, and something very few ever truly learn. Although Kobe and Lebron are incredibly gifted and hard working athletes, in my opinion, their advantage over competition lies in their head. They are mentally solid in every aspect of the game, which is why they can do what they do night after night.

Geography – I was a factor of this one. You can be a great player, but if no one ever sees you, it doesn’t matter. Though this is becoming easier with advances in technology and the increasing availability of the internet, growing up in Idaho or Montana, for example, is no advantage. Most scouts do not even know where those places are.

Under most circumstances, in order to be great, you need to surround yourself with those that are great or greater than you. You need to challenge yourself by playing with the best players and the toughest competition. This can be hard when you factor in where you live. Sun Valley, Idaho where I grew up, was not a hot bed for future basketball stars. I had to travel to compete, which is not always easy to do.

Dedication and Determination – I have been running HSBCAMPS for years now and this is perhaps the issue that our kids struggle with most. Do you WANT to play at the next level or do you HAVE to play at the next level?

Most people want something but they either don’t understand what it takes to get it or they refuse to work hard enough. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes as we speak, training, competing, and doing everything possible to achieve their dreams. Greatness is not easy – if it was, it would be easily achieved. Even the best are working every day to become better. Think of all of those that are competing for your spot right now.

Formerly a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness, I used to talk to people about their goals and why they were interested in joining the gym. We had a “Guaranteed” training program with “Guaranteed” results. We could guarantee whatever we wanted, as much as we wanted, but I knew as well as anyone that it did not mean it was going to happen. You can promise, you can preach, and you can motivate all you want, but if the person you are pushing does not want to be pushed, it is all for nothing. The guarantee lies with each individual.

I am a firm believer that if we set ourselves up to accomplish, anything is possible. The key lies in WE. We need coaches, we need trainers, we need mentors in our lives, but only WE can force ourselves to do that extra workout, shoot those extra jump shots, and to study when we are exhausted. There’s that old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” The water is there, are you going to drink? Only you can make that decision and don not let anyone tell you otherwise. There are no substitutes for hard work and dedication and no amount of “Guaranteeing” will ever change that.

Looking For Private Sessions – New Openings Added For Coach Carson!

This fall Mike and I have been overwhelmed with requests for private sessions.  Trying to accommodate as many of you as possible, we have both opened some additional times in our schedules for those looking for some more individualized instruction.  Although my (Carson) weekly schedule is booked out for the better part of the next year, I have opened some additional weekend hours and a few week days for anyone wanting to workout.  Cancellations or other openings will be posted directly to the app.  As always these sessions are available  on a first come first served basis and can be booked through MindBody or the all new app.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

Looking To Take Things To The Next Level – Call Ammon!

Amazed by the body and all of its capabilities, Ammon Peterson has dedicated his life to improving the human form. A certified personal trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, the thirty-one year old Boise native has spent years helping individuals increase their physical health and overall wellness. A firm believer that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, his dedication and spirit has not just allowed clients to achieve their goals, but exceed them. The co-operator of the private F.I.T. Gym off Fairview (between Five Mile & Cloverdale), Ammon provides a structured and affordable outlet for anyone looking to:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Improve Speed & Agility
  • Resolve Muscle & Joint Issues
  • Increase Mobility & Endurance
  • Correct Dietary Habits
  • Tone Or Bulk
  • Improve Their Quality Of Life

Offering both individualized training and small group instruction, for more information contact Ammon at 208-409-9833.

HSB 365 Update – New Content Every Tuesday!

Mark your weekly calendars – as of June 2nd, the HSB365 team is excited to report that every Tuesday from here on out we will be uploading new content to the site. Offering year round access to training videos, workouts sheets, a live blog, and much more, HSB365 is the perfect outlet for players looking to improve their game this off-season. Currently in “Invite Only Mode”, if you have not received an invitation to join please email us at for instant access.

As always feedback on the videos and functionality is greatly appreciated as we continue to develop and implement the various features of the site. An official live launch is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned!

What is HSB365?
Nearly two and a half years in the making, HSB365 is a next-level web & mobile application designed by serious basketball players, for serious basketball players. The latest creation from HSBCAMPS (America’s fastest growing youth basketball initiative), HSB365 gives players of all ages, incomes, and physical abilities instant access to the most comprehensive basketball training environment ever produced online.

What Is HSB365? FAQ’s About HSB’s New Online Training Platform!

We have received several notes, inquiries, and questions in regards to the HSB365 invites that have been going out the last couple weeks, so we thought we’d put together a list of FAQ’s to help everyone through the process.

What is HSB365?

Seems like an obvious one, but most people aren’t aware of what we’ve been up to the last year.  HSB365 is our brand new online training platform, allowing our parents, players, and pros the ability to connect 365 days a year.  Whether in Boise or not, for the first time ever, we now have a way to train, mentor, and inspire kids from around the globe online.  Players can download workouts & videos, interact with coaches, and get all the latest insight from our forum.  Currently in Beta, all workouts and information are free and will transition in the coming months to include a subscription based service.  Haven’t received your invite?  Email us at

What will you do with my information?

When you click the link provided in the email invite, it will ask you to create an account.  All of the information being collected in this step is kept confidential and is no way shared, sold, or distributed to third parties.  The data is solely used to correspond with our Beta users to ensure that the site is working appropriately.

How do I log in after I have signed out?

After the initial registration process, there are two ways to get back to the site to log-in and continue to utilize the content.  You can visit or click on the Beta link at  Since the beta launch is private and access is restricted to only those that have been invited, the main URL is not actively functioning as it will be in the future.

Why can’t I access the forum and other features of the site?

Much of the current functionality of the site has been disabled intentionally.  Our current objective is to have users focus on the three beta videos.  The feedback, insight, and information that is received from our users on these is paramount to the process of figuring out how to proceed in the future based on the need and demands of our users.  Please keep your feedback coming and know it is greatly appreciated.

Are there workout sheets that correspond to the videos?

Good question!  Yes, each of the three beta workouts has a corresponding workout sheet that can be downloaded directly from the site.  Download buttons can be found on the lower right hand side just under the video window.

When will the live site launch?

The more feedback we receive from our users in Beta, the faster we can launch the actual site.  More functionality and access to features will be unlocked in the coming weeks, and we hope to have everything fully operational within 4-6 weeks.

What if I am having issues watching the videos?

We are actively working to eliminate all known issues, but they do happen.  If you are having trouble viewing any of the videos, please send us an email at

Will there be position specific content?

Absolutely!  Not only will we be generating content for specific positions, HSB365 will also include team, coaching, and fitness and nutritional information to create as comprehensive an experience as possible.  Stay tuned!

Can I share these videos on social media sites?

Invites and access at this time are by INVITATION ONLY.  We appreciate your willingness to share these videos with your friends and followers and will allow you to do so when the time is appropriate.  Any specific questions on this matter please email us at

Thanks for you time and any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

-HSB365 Team-









Powerful Message – I Challenge You To Fail Harder!

Great video and excerpt from Kick Genius film that we try to instill in our kids everyday.  You need to watch this and challenge yourself to “FAIL HARDER!”

“I’ve never seen somebody so afraid to fail.  I’ve never seen a society . . .  so afraid to fail.  Pride and ego have taken the forefront of athletes work ethic pushing back the vulnerable mentality of what it takes to improve ones game.  We obsess over perfection while forgetting the process of imperfection it takes to get there.  Show me a player who is shooting 100% in practice, and I will show you a player who is not taking game shots.  Show me a player who doesn’t lose the ball, and I’ll show you a player who isn’t going hard enough.  Show me a player who doesn’t make mistakes and I will show you a player who is not getting better.  It’s funny because the other day a player came up to me and said, “hey Trey . . . how many free throws did you miss? I said, “fourteen . . . how about you?”  He said with a smirk on his face,”ZERO”.  I said, “well . . . how many did you shoot?”  He said, “fifteen!”  I said, “I shot 100 . . . FAIL HARDER!”   I challenge every hooper who steps on that court . . . FAIL HARDER . . .”

Clausen’s Corner – Training Tips From The Big Guy!

Good fitness habits don’t have to be left behind while on a business trip. Maybe you are a “road warrior”….you know, that kind of human who spends days and even weeks each month far from home due to business travel. If you exercise when in your hometown, you may worry that your travel schedule comes first in comparison to maintaining a healthy exercise regimen when on the road. Besides bad airport food, that hotel fitness center, if one exists at all, is probably a sorry conciliation to what you’re used to at home.

Should poor workout facilities be an obstacle to exercise while traveling? Does business travel always crush your intentions to be fit and healthy? The simple answer is no. You need to rethink exercise on the whole. The good news is you’ve already started. Give yourself credit for already getting some exercise in during the process of traveling. Carrying luggage, walking the concourses at ORD, LAX, LGA, ATL or any of the other major hubs, perhaps sprinting to catch a flight – all of these things involve some degree of physical activity. Still, you are not working out at your regular gym in your customary routine. Not only does travel pit you against bad or non-existent fitness facilities, your time availability for exercise may be restricted. My suggestion is to attack each of these problems directly, turning difficulty into opportunity.

Making Do:

Variety is the spice of life AND fitness. Perhaps your workout routines at home have become … routine. Having to improvise with a poor hotel fitness center – you know, the room with one or two cardio machines and a set of mismatched dumbbells ranging in weights from 5 to 20 pounds, with one 15 pound dumbbell gone missing – might actually wake up a few new muscles if you think outside the box. Rethink the exercise circumstances in these terms:

Get More From Less:

If you’re used to doing bicep curls with 25 pound dumbbells but the highest weights available are 20 pounds, use the “super slow” method of a 10-second count up, 10-second count down. Pause at the point that is hardest to do for 1-3 seconds. Apply the same thinking to any weight that is not as much as you’re used to lifting. Want to make it harder yet? Lift one foot off the ground while performing this and other upper body exercises to add a core-stability dynamic to the workout.

Go Hard On That Old Equipment:

If you’re used to state-of-the-art equipment that provides a full range of motion, or, if you generally work with free weights because of the full-body benefits found in most free weight exercises, don’t worry if the hotel gym has a pre-1978 “universal” gym. Yes, that limited-range bench press would be bad for you if you used it three times a week. Sure, the set range of motion with the shoulder press machine doesn’t give you the full fledged exercise you know is so important. But this is just one day out of many. Use this equipment (assuming there are no safety concerns with it injuring you) to push your weight limits a bit higher. If your muscles fail, the equipment at least prevents injury that might happen with free weights. If the weight maxes out before you do, try everything with one limb instead of two.

Go To Real Places:

Life is not a treadmill – it’s running down streets and along parkways and on beaches. What better way to take in your environment than a quick jog in neighborhood of the hotel? Or, if the hotel stairwell is accessible, forget the StairMaster and go for a real climb.

Workout In The Hotel Room – With Limited-Time:

One of the biggest barriers in traveling and maintaining your healthy lifestyle is time. Close in second and third are stress and access. As a result, many individuals find their health being compromised by the demands of their jobs. Does that sound about right?

Even if the hotel doesn’t have an exercise facility, you can alleviate both stress and time factors when you learn to exercise in your room. Think about this: take 15-30 minutes in the comfort and solitude of your own room, with the television tuned to the channel of your choice and your laptop not far away in case some great thoughts surface when your endorphins kick in.

This workout is graduated by time periods: a 15-minute workout if that’s all you can do, with additional exercises if you have 30 minutes.

The 15 Minute Hotel Workout:

This segment primarily focuses on the lower body. A huge benefit is that by working these large muscle groups, you are creating a more active metabolism – a real benefit for the calories of that Cinnabon you ate at the airport.

Inverted Bicycle: Start out by lying face up in bed or on the floor, legs lifted straight up at a perpendicular angle to your torso. Begin “pedaling” your legs, bicycle style with wide circles, for two to four minutes.

Squat-Reaches: Plant your feet on the floor, shoulder distance apart. Squat down as low as you can go without falling over, touching the floor or your ankles if possible. Rise all the way up onto the front balls of your feet, heels raised off the floor, then return to the squat position. Repeat ten times, times three sets.

One-Leg Squats: Stand at the side of your bed, facing away from the bed. Lift your left leg from the floor and extend it straight back onto the bed such that you are putting most of your weight on your right leg. Slowly lower your whole body on the right leg, maintaining an upright torso. After reaching the lowest level, rise up again. Repeat ten times on both legs, times three sets.

The 30 Minute Hotel Workout:

Now that you’ve worked your lower body during the previous 15 minutes, focus on the “push” motion in your upper body if you have the time. As the name implies, push exercises generally involve force to move something away from the body. (On a subsequent day, a “pull” motion would be fitting.)

Below-Grade Pushups: Set up two stable desk chairs (non roller wheels for obvious reasons) about 3-5 feet away from the bed and facing each other, about 6 inches wider than your shoulders. With your feet on the bed and hands on the opposing chairs, lower your body (plank form, in a straight line passing from your ankles through your knees, hips, torso and shoulders) to the lowest position you can manage, even to the point where your chest is lower than your hands. Return to the starting position, and repeat 10-30 times.

Tricep Dips: Keeping the chairs in approximately the same position as with the pushups, turn around to face the ceiling, with feet firmly near the edge of the bed, your hands on the chairs and arms fully extended. Keeping the hips as high as possible, slowly lower your body by bending the elbows outward. When you reach the lowest point possible, pause then press up with the arms. Repeat ten times, times three sets. Still want more of a challenge? Put luggage on your lap to add weight.

Two-Hand Shoulder Press: Stand with your right hand at shoulder level as if you were about to raise a dumbbell in that hand but with the palm face open. Instead, reach your left arm across your face and place the left palm face down onto the right. Press up with the right, but simultaneous oppose that by pressing down with the left. Do this slowly, allowing the right to rise all the way up in about 8 seconds. After a pause, press the right hand down to the starting position at shoulder level. After ten repetitions, switch sides, then repeat for three sets each side. Note how both shoulders and arms are exercising in different ways and to different effects.

Did your time run out but you still want more? If you find yourself waiting in a line later in the day do some toe raises! Rise up on the front balls of your feet – better, onto one foot only – and hold that rise for 3-10 seconds. If you have heavy luggage in one or both hands, the exercise progresses to another level. This calf workout also helps improve balance – even though the people in line behind you may believe an imbalance of another kind! But why should you care? You are fighting back against the unhealthy forces of business travel. And winning!

HSB365 BETA Update – Video Fix Complete!

The HSB365 Team is happy to report, that the platforms ongoing video play back issue has been resolved.  It was a permissions restriction for users that has been fixed.  Please feel free to log in and use, evaluate, and provide feedback on all the videos as much as possible. Again, any other issues you are experiencing, the more feedback, screenshots, or browser information you can provide the faster we can address them.

Remember, many of you have invitations to join HSB365 waiting in your inbox so please keep an eye out for those.  For those that have not received an invitation and would like one, please email  Thank you again!

The HSB365 Team

HSB365 You’re Invited – Make Sure To Check Your Email!

HSB365 invites continue to go out daily.  We have quite a database and this is a manual process, so your patience is greatly appreciated.  For those that have signed on, thank you for doing so.  Many of you have still not opened the emails that we sent with your invites so please do so as soon as possible.

As always, your feedback and input on the site, videos, and information will be integral to how we add and adjust all future content.  Your feedback on known issues has been greatly appreciated and we have been working diligently to address and overcome all of them.

We have begun doing the workouts in the Academy via an iPad with the kids and would welcome all of you to do the same.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out directly.  Thank you!

-HSB365 Team-

HSB365 Beta – Resolving Known Issues!

Thank you to all that have logged onto the site already and helped identify potential glitches and bugs within the platform.  These are very common Beta issues, so your feedback and participation is greatly appreciated.

A couple notes on known issues:

iPad Issue – Has Been Resolved

For those having expressed difficulty in viewing the video on their iPad, you will need to be sure you have updated your device’s IOS to the latest version (i.e. IOS 8.0.2)

There were several bug fixes Apple put out in this latest update, and without it you will likely continue to experience issues with the videos.

You can ensure this update is completed by navigating to Settings-> Software Update, and your device will search for and come back with the update if you don’t already have it.

Browser Issues

Many of the early known issues are related to the various browsers individuals are using.

A quick and easy way to identify if the issues you are experiencing are browser related would be to send us that device/os/browser/version information.  You can do this by going to  Once on the site, near the middle of the page you will see an “Email this information” form.  Please complete the form with your name and email address in the “Your Name:” and “Your Email” fields, and put my email in the “Their email:” field.

This will provide us with a tremendous amount of useful information to fix these related issues, so again your participation here is greatly appreciated.

Any other issues you are experiencing, the more feedback, information, screenshots, or browser information you can provide the better.  Many of you have invitations to join HSB365 waiting in your inbox so please keep an eye out for those.  For those that have not received an invitation and would like one, please email  Thank you again!

-HSB365 Team-