Ever wonder what makes HSBCAMPS different than the rest? Check out our new Why HSBCAMPS page and learn more about America’s fastest growing youth basketball program.

HSBCAMPS was founded in 2007, as a small youth clinic, intended to encourage young athletes to fulfill their potential through a process of mentoring, motivating, and building confidence both on and off the basketball court. Just four years later, it’s America’s fastest growing youth basketball program and leader in bringing kids of all ages, incomes and abilities, face-to-face with the pros. Backed by a “Quality over Quantity” mentality, HSBCAMPS world-class collegiate and professional coaching staff offers every participant extensive basketball knowledge and instruction on all aspects of the game from intense one-on-one individualized training to various game specific and situational drills. These time-tested practices have allowed HSBCAMPS to quickly climb toward a status amongst the most “elite” basketball training programs in the country and in a very short period of time.

What’s Different About HSBCAMPS?
At HSBCAMPS, we focus on developing every young player who makes the commitment to attend one of our programs. Our individualized training approach allows our staff to connect and educate every player, regardless of their, gender, skill level or ability.

HSBCAMPS Highlights Include:

8:1 Player to Coach Ratio
15+ Hours of Individualized Skill Instruction
1-on-1 Training with Actual Pros
Lesson Plans & Evening Assignments
Intense Mental & Physical Training
In Depth & Personalized Player Evaluations

Why Are HSBCAMPS Sessions Coed?
HSBCAMPS mission is to provide every participant, male or female, with a world-class basketball camp experience. Our focus is on developing young basketball players and expanding mental and physical toughness. Although we do incorporate games and game specific training into our programs, participants spend much of the day engaged in individualized skill building sessions and small group instructional workouts. It is these practices and techniques that have allowed us to effectively train and combine both genders.

Why Does HSBCAMPS Take Such A Broad Age Range of Players?
At HSBCAMPS, we believe that everyone possesses leadership qualities and the ability to mentor younger generations. Just as our oldest group of participants looks up to our staff of collegiate and professional players and coaches, our younger campers look up to their elders as well. Though it is hard to remember that far back, all of our coaches including those in the NBA were at one point an elementary school player looking up to those ahead of them. Today they are “giving back”. Players of all ages and abilities can learn something from one another, whether it is initially recognized or not.