Hello Coach Carson,

I wanted to take this quick opportunity to say thanks for such an excellent basketball camp experience for my son. I write this email as my son is asleep on the coach upstairs and thoroughly wiped out from the past 4 days – you guys kicked his butt which is awesome!

He told me earlier today that he learned more about the game and skills in the past 4 days then he did for 3 weeks of attending his local hoop school in Fort Myers, FL. Your camp concentrated on skills, conditioning and the overall game. He also really appreciated your words of encouragement about his skill you gave him a couple of days ago. I’m hopeful he will be able to compete at the varsity high school level in either basketball or baseball. I think this was a big week for him in the right step towards basketball!

If there are any helpful sheets you could email me to assist him with drills and skill development work, that would be great. He will be his middle school team’s point guard, so any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. I guess he’s already quite the good free throw shooter from what I understand which is great.

We look forward to returning to the camp next summer here in Park City. If you ever decide to host a camp in FL, I would be more than happy to make some introductions and promote to possible campers in the Fort Myers, FL part of the state.

Thanks again and best of the luck with the rest of your camps this summer.

Rage On!

*All names have been removed to protect the identity of the author and the participant.